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Garden of Hope

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Garden of Hope

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Garden of Hope map.png

Fruits 17 (list)
Obstacles Dirt wall icon.png Crystal wall icon.png Bamboo gate icon.png Electric gate P3 icon.png Bodies of water Flukeweed icon.png Fragment icon.png Dirt mound icon.png Large crystal icon.png Small crystal icon.png Crystal nodule icon.png
Pikmin discovered Rock Pikmin and Blue Pikmin
Requirements Complete day 1
Music Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope (再会の花園?, lit.: "Garden of Reunion") is an area in Pikmin 3. Alph lands here on day 2 in story mode. This area is where Alph finds Brittany and discovers the Rock Pikmin, and later on, the Blue Pikmin. The total amount of juice is 26 cups (13 on Ultra-Spicy difficulty).


After Alph finds the S.S. Drake on day 1, he must find Brittany, and notices a signal coming from another area. Alph lands to investigate, and after discovering the Rock Pikmin, is able to free Brittany, who was behind a crystal wall. The reunited explorers work together to build a bridge to a hollow tree stump where a new signal is coming from. After a battle with the game's first boss, the Armored Mawdad, the signal is revealed to be coming from a cell phone, called the Data Glutton, that the Mawdad had ingested. Upon returning it to Drake, the whereabouts of Charlie are revealed and the Distant Tundra is charted.

After recovering Louie from the Twilight River later in the game, Louie will land the S.S. Drake while Alph, Brittany, and Charlie sleep, and runs off with their food and treasures, blowing up an otherwise blocking cinder block. This grants the player access to the second half of the level, where they will discover the Blue Pikmin. This is also where the player will fight the game's fifth boss, the Quaggled Mireclops, which has abducted Louie.

Louie will not do anything if the crew has less than a full bottle at the start of a new day. When he does steal, he takes every bottle, including unfinished ones, and when he's recaptured, any unfinished bottles the Koppaites gathered in the meantime will be combined with any unfinished bottles Louie had, off-screen.


The Garden of Hope appears to be the main forest level in Pikmin 3 and looks, in regards to terrain, similar to The Impact Site, The Forest of Hope, and Awakening Wood. It has a lot of grassy floors, dirt, and rocks to walk on. Although the area is quite natural, there are some clearly man-made structures, such as vases, tiles, buckets and bricks.

This large garden has several walls that twist and turn, separating its layout. Besides walls, there are lakes too, further splitting the stage. Despite these separations, the area's large size stops it from having cramped locations. Vertically, there is not much variation, although once Blue Pikmin are found, the lakes provide a rough second level of altitude.

There are a few caves and sub-areas, and two boss arenas. The landing site is roughly in the center of the main area, but the southern half can only be entered after Louie runs away, blowing up a cinder block that used to block off that part of the area.

Key sections[edit]

The main part of the area can be divided into two halves, with the southern half only being accessible after Louie's escape. The landing site is on the the center, but really close to the cinder block covering the second half.

On the following list, all sections of text except for the first two refer to a different sub-area from the main one, meaning that the game performs a transition when going to and from those parts.

Landing site

The immediate terrain around the landing spot is surrounded with walls, gates and water. To the east, beyond a small river, is the bit of the area where Brittany is found; the general path makes a rough "3" shape with the botanist's room in the middle. To the north of the landing site is a riverside path, and the other side of the river leads to a corridor that, in turn, leads to the Armored Mawdad's arena.

Southern half

The southern half of the main area is mostly underwater. There is a large portion of shore at the north, connecting to the first half of the area. There is an island fully surrounded by water with a Waddlepus on it, to the southeast; it can be reached with a bridge. To the southwest is another island, equally reachable with a bridge, but it's connected to a bucket that gives access to the Quaggled Mireclops.

Small inlet bits of land exist around the lake, leading to fruits. To the southwest is a small strip of land hugging the nearby island, but the two are separated by a wall.

Rock Pikmin cave

To the east of Brittany's landing spot is a cave. It is roughly circular, and at the end, the Rock Onion can be found.

Armored Mawdad path

A long corridor leading up to the arena. It can be entered from the northwest of the main area.

Armored Mawdad arena

The arena is inside a large, hollowed-out tree stump. It only has one entrance and is mostly circular, save for a few crevices, and also has many mushrooms.

Quaggled Mireclops arena

Unlike other boss arenas in the same style, this one does not have a corridor sub-area. The arena is circular and the terrain is marshy, giving in every time the Mireclops stomps.

Elevator platform room

To the west is a narrow, linear room with elevator platform puzzles. It can be entered from a path at the northwest of the landing site, past the wall. The camera is pointing sideways here, giving the impression of 2.5D gameplay.

Bug-Eyed Crawmad cave

This cave is split into two rooms, separated by a paper bag. The northwestern room has two dips that have elevator platforms, and ramps leading out. It is entered through a plain corridor on the northwestern part of the main area. The other room has a small curved river running through the middle and is accessed using an entrance to the north of Brittany's crash site.


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Plants and fungi[edit]

  • Pellet Posy P3 icon.png Pellet Posy × 19 (nine only appear after Quaggled Mireclops is defeated)
  • Burgeoning Spiderwort P3 icon.png Burgeoning Spiderwort × 2 (one only appears after the Data Glutton is collected, and disappears the day after the player has Blue Pikmin)
  • Flukeweed icon.png Flukeweed × 4
  • Clover icon.png Clover × 2


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*More bodies of water can be formed with the Quaggled Mireclops. Two are connected by a sewer, so they are technically one, although the sewer does not serve as a shortcut.


Data files[edit]

Hidden murals[edit]

Warning: the following text contains major spoilers about the hidden murals in the area.


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Basic guide[edit]

First visit

Upon landing in the area, the first main task is to rescue Brittany. Start by taking all your Red Pikmin out of the Onion and destroy the wall to the right; this will allow access to a set of bridge fragments. Go the other direction from the base, defeat the Dwarf Red Bulborb, and carry the other set of bridge fragments. During this process you should be increasing your Pikmin population by carrying pellets and enemies nearby. When the bridge is done, cross it and defeat the Bulborb. Destroy the dirt wall behind it, and continue over the hill. Go into the cave and defeat the Medusal Slurker to unlock Rock Pikmin. Carry the enemy and all the pellets in the room to the Rock Onion, then leave with all your Pikmin. Destroy both crystal walls to unlock Brittany, and complete the leader throwing tutorial. After that, return to the base, either by going back the way you came, or continuing on the path to the area with the Skutterchucks and building a red bridge to return to the landing site.

The second main task is to collect the Data Glutton. Destroy the crystal wall next to the landing site, and defeat the Fiery Blowhogs. You will see a body of water with a crossing point marked by an arrow and an "X" mark. Throw a leader and lots of Pikmin across the gap at the crossing point. Switch to the other leader and carry the blue bridge fragments, some of which are inside a crystal. After the bridge is done, reunite with both leaders on the far side of the body of water, and destroy the dirt wall. Follow the path to arrive at the first boss of the game, the Armored Mawdad. See here for strategies on how to beat it. After defeating the boss, carry the phone it drops back to the landing site to complete the first story section of the area.

Second visit

After rescuing Louie from the Twilight River, the ship will make a surprise landing here, and you'll have no juice left. The main task in this area is to rescue Louie, but to do this, several bridges will need to be built with a new type of Pikmin, Blue Pikmin. Start by heading in the direction Louie ran in the cutscene. Walk through the gap in the wall, then throw 3 Winged Pikmin at the Flukeweed on the left. Meanwhile, charge the rest of your squad on the nearby dirt wall. Walk back to the Flukeweed, which should have come out of the ground to reveal the Blue Onion. Pluck the Pikmin, and carry the nearby pellets to grow at least 10 Pikmin. Go downhill and defeat the Sputtlefish, and start to carry the orange bridge fragments next to it. Back at the surface, call the Pikmin that were on the dirt wall and use them to carry the other set of orange bridge fragments. When the bridge is complete, cross it with your squad and collect the Searing Acidshock in the crystal and lift up the bamboo gate. Take this time to harvest more Blue Pikmin.

After this, a white pot-shaped bridge must be built. The first pile of fragments is in the western corner of the area. Go under the bamboo gate, making sure to defeat the Puckering Blinnows, and turn right to find the first pile of white fragments. Make sure to not walk too far, or you'll awaken a mini-boss, the Bug-Eyed Crawmad. The second pile of fragments is underwater in an area accessible from earlier in the game. Destroy the underwater dirt wall near the orange bridge, then walk further, turn right and defeat the underwater enemies. Destroy the dirt wall behind them, and you'll find the second pile of white fragments.

Once the pot-shaped bridge is completed, regroup with all your leaders. Head to the area on the mainland nearest to the new bridge, and throw 2 leaders and a large group of Pikmin (including some Rock Pikmin) onto it. Switch to one of those leaders and throw the third leader onto the other side along with the Pikmin. Switch to the third leader and defeat the Peckish Aristocrab. It is useful to build a blue bridge for easier access to the main part of the area. The first pile of fragments is in a crystal next to the bridge. The second pile is further along the path, but most of the fragments are actually in a dirt mound next to it, which should be dug up completely.

After completing the blue bridge, cross it with a large group of Pikmin and walk onwards to the fifth boss in the game, the Quaggled Mireclops. See here for strategies on how to beat it. After defeating the boss, carry Louie back to the S.S. Drake, and you will regain all your missing juice and complete the second story section of the area.

Speed completion[edit]

First visit

Upon landing, get 21 Red Pikmin and throw 8 across the bridge. Have the other 13 Red Pikmin on the dirt wall. Go in the water and whistle the 8 Pikmin and charge them on to the dirt wall behind the Red Bulborb. Grab the other Pikmin and grab both piles of fragments and grow some Red Pikmin. Discover Rock Pikmin, grow some of them and save Brittany. You should go back to the landing spot and destroy the crystal wall. Go through the rest of the area normally.

In other game modes[edit]

These Mission Mode and Side Story stages take place within the Garden of Hope:

Mission Mode
Side Stories

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]


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Ω Version.

The Garden of Hope appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While there are many key differences, the general layout of the stage, which is in the area where Blue Pikmin are discovered, remains the same, except for the addition of a massive waterfall. A Red Bulborb will occasionally appear in the background for decoration, and a Peckish Aristocrab will act as a stage hazard, running from one side to the other, destroying the climbing stick and the teacup, as well as damaging any fighter that touches it. Although the crab cannot destroy the bridge, fighters can. Wild Pikmin will come back to rebuild the objects if they are destroyed.

The following changes can be noted between the area in Pikmin 3 and the Smash Bros. arena:

  • The pieces of land are now connected by a (breakable) bridge.
  • The S.S. Drake is seen in the area, where a Burgeoning Spiderwort and a tin box would be in Pikmin 3.
  • The china pot half that is made out of white fragments can now be found on land, and is breakable.
  • There are two connected elevator platforms, one on each of the ends of the stage.
  • There is a breakable climbing stick on the stage that players can stand on.
  • There is a tin can in place of the bamboo gate.
  • Most significantly, the other part of the area is no longer there. Instead, there is a massive waterfall.



The Yellow Spectralids stuck on the transition zone.
  • This is the only area in the game to feature two major bosses.
  • This is also the only area in the game to introduce two types of Pikmin: Rock Pikmin and Blue Pikmin.
  • This location's continental shape is based on Australia.
  • This is the only area of the game that can be entered on day 2.
  • Strangely, there is a Yellow Spectralids behind the dirt wall that leads to the Astringent Clump, out of bounds to the right side. It mostly flutters in place against the edge of the transition zone, though given enough time and luck, it's possible that it will fly down and actually be reachable. Its positioning is most likely a mistake, as it is hard to spot and have Pikmin attack it.
    • A nearby White Spectralids actually spawns under the floor on the opposite out-of-bounds ledge to this Yellow Spectralids, but when the day starts, it goes to the nearby Dandelion right away.
  • Behind the electric gate next to the Fiery Blowhogs, there is a path to the left that leads to a ledge that goes down to the section of the area with the fragments used to build the bridge to the Armored Mawdad. This branch with the ledge serves no use, as it does not help in getting any fruits. It may be left over from an early version of the Garden of Hope, where the electric gate was a bamboo gate and thus an alternate route to the landing site may have been necessary.
  • After building the vase from fragments, one can go under it from an opening. By using the KopPad's camera app, it's possible to see that the ceiling of the vase is not shown. Curiously, the KopPad will not display the leaders or Pikmin on top of the pot, if any.
  • Louie will not steal any food if the crew doesn't have a full bottle. It is possible to have less than 1.0 juice by collecting only some grapes, for instance.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 再会の花園?
Saikai no Hanazono
Garden of Reunion
Flag of People's Republic of China.svg Chinese
再會花園 Reunion garden
Flag of People's Republic of China.svg Chinese
再会花园 Reunion garden
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Pikmin-Paradijs Pikmin Paradise
Flag of France.svg French Verger de l'espoir Orchard of hope
Flag of Germany.svg German Garten der Begegnung Garden of Encounter
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Serra speranza Garden of hope
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 시작의 숲
sijan-ui sup
재회의 화원
jaehoeui hwawon
Garden of reunion 시작의 숲 was used in Pikmin 3 while 재회의 화원 was used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Vergel de la Esperanza Orchard of Hope
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Сад Надежды
Sad Nadezhdy
Garden of Hope

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