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When I played the first Pikmin game, I was shocked at how a simple idea could turn into such a fun game.

Pikmin 2

When I heard that Pikmin 2 came out, I thought it was way too good to be true. It fixed all the bugs that I didn't even realize were there, plus make the game more fun by adding purple pikmin. Those guys are AWESOME!!!

Pikmin 3

Yes, I know Pikmin 3 is not going to come out for a while, but I agree with some of the ideas for it.

  1. Bulbmin- These could either be orange or green (depending on what you believe in). They can only be made through Candypop buds that are rarely found underground. A red bulborb weighs as much as 3 pikmin. You can thus use 3 bulbmin to infest it and make it on your side. However, once they have infested an enemy, they cannot come with you when you leave a cave via the geyser.
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Did you know...

  • ...that Pikmin 3 Onions can only store up to 9999 Pikmin of a type, and reaching this number will flower them?
  • ...that Totaka's song can also play in the cave sublevel memory card warning screen?
  • ...that thrown flower Pikmin fall slightly slower, exclusively in the GameCube games?
  • ...that The Forest Navel's lakes are based on cave structures in the real world called rimstone dams?
  • ...that the Wistful Wild sunset theme uses different instruments in the first loop? And only in the US and European GameCube versions?

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