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The Scrummy Bone is an item first introduced in Pikmin 4. The first instance of it being seen in the game is in the opening cutscene, in which Captain Olimar first meets Moss and befriends her by tossing her one of the bones.

There are three ways the player can get the Scrummy Bone. The first method is by crafting them with raw materials in the Lab, the second is via the Pebble Pitcher in Co-Op Mode, where the Pebble Pitcher starts off with 5 Scrummy Bones, and can gain more by hitting enemies and obstacles with pebbles, and the third method is by training Oatchi with Shepherd, where each skill level gained gives out a bone. The shop option and Pebble Pitcher option are both renewable.


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In-game Description: When Oatchi is injured, this will heal him instantly! When he’s in perfect health, it will temporarily increase his HP!

Scrummy Bones are a relatively common item in Pikmin 4. They can be bought from Russ's lab for 3 raw material a piece. When Oatchi is below maximum hp, one bone heals him up to full, as the description says. However, Oatchi can consume up to 5 Scrummy Bones while at max health to get extra health. This health is lost permanently after taking damage, and the maximum extra health is not affected by the Tuff Stuff upgrade, but Oatchi can consume more bones to heal up.

How to acquire and use[edit]

Automatically unlocked at the Lab and can be purchased at The Lab for 3 raw materials. It can also be acquired via training with Shepherd, and by using the Pebble Pitcher in Co-Op Mode.

To use it, the player needs to open the pack and select the Scrummy Bone to throw it. Any Scrummy Bones in the Pebble Pitcher’s inventory can be used by Player 2 selecting them, and a Scrummy Bone will fall at the position of the cursor.


  • Although it can't be seen accidentally, Dweevils have the capability to carry Scrummy Bones on their backs. When Pikmin break off the item, it acts as expected. However, when Oatchi bites the Dweevil, the bone disappears and doesn't heal Oatchi, so be wary.