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Scrummy Bone

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Icon for the Scrummy bone from Pikmin 4.
Icon of a Scrummy Bone.

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The Scrummy Bone is an item in Pikmin 4 that can be used to heal Oatchi. When selected in the Pack, they can be thrown by the player, and when Oatchi eats one, his health will be restored to the full level. Oatchi can also eat up to 5 Scrummy Bones while at full health to gain extra health, increasing the length of the health bar. This extra health is lost after taking damage, with the health bar getting shorter again, and is not affected by the Pup Tuff Stuff gear.

The player can get Scrummy Bones by buying them in Russ's lab, where each bone costs 3 raw materials. In addition, the player will get 1 Scrummy Bone from Shepherd for each skill that Oatchi learns. In Co-op Mode, player 2 can use the Pebble Pitcher to throw Scrummy Bones, where they start with 5 and can gain more by hitting enemies and obstacles with pebbles.

In the opening cutscene, and in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale, Captain Olimar befriends Moss by feeding her a Scrummy Bone.


In-game description[edit]

When Oatchi is injured, this will heal him instantly! When he’s in perfect health, it will temporarily increase his HP!

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese やみつきボーン?
Yamitsuki Bōn
Addictive Bone


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  • Although it can't be seen accidentally, Dweevils have the capability to carry Scrummy Bones on their backs. When Pikmin break off the item, it acts as expected. However, when Oatchi bites the Dweevil, the bone disappears and doesn't heal Oatchi, so be wary.

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