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The dweevil family is a species of enemies found only in Pikmin 2 that resemble spiders. All members are known to collect treasures, bodies of dead creatures, and other objects in order to mimic them or use them for some other purpose.

Most possess elemental attacks, which they do not use unless aggravated, and they are only found underground. The size of smaller Dweevils' bodies makes landing a Pikmin on them difficult; they are most easily defeated using Purple Pikmin, which can home in on enemies when thrown, and even stun the beasts without having to land right on them.


Anode Dweevil[edit]


The Anode Dweevil is yellow and attacks with an electrical discharge, which, like other electrical hazards, will immediately electrocute and kill Pikmin vulnerable to electricity without a chance to save them, thus making it one of the most dangerous common Dweevils. This makes Yellow Pikmin the best choice in battle against them. Its attack is a bit harmful to leaders unless the Dream Material has been collected, which grants immunity to electric attacks.

Caustic Dweevil[edit]


This is a blue Dweevil which, when agitated by attacks, releases a blast of acidic bodily fluid in an attempt to drown attacking Pikmin. Therefore, pitting Blue Pikmin against them is the best choice. Caustic Dweevils can cause minor damage to leaders, but their low health and weak attacks mean they pose no real threat to them.

Fiery Dweevil[edit]


The Fiery Dweevil is the most common Dweevil in the game. It is a red Dweevil that, when agitated by attacks, will release searing flames that will set nearby Pikmin on fire. This makes Red Pikmin ideal for combating this creature. It is still able to hurt leaders unless they have obtained the Forged Courage, which makes them immune to fire attacks.

Munge Dweevil[edit]


The Munge Dweevil is a purple Dweevil that releases a poisonous gas when attacked; this poisons any Pikmin that are not immune to it, making White Pikmin top notch when fighting these creatures. However, since leaders have air filters, they can be beaten easily without Pikmin.

Titan Dweevil[edit]


The Titan Dweevil is the last boss in Pikmin 2. It is by far the largest of all known Dweevils, and can only attack using the four treasures it has picked up and its arms, the latter of which causing no damage. This means that without the treasures, it is actually harmless. It is found on the final sublevel of Dream Den, where Olimar and the President find Louie sitting on top of a mound of treasure. When they approach the mound, however, it reveals itself as the head of the Titan Dweevil and starts to attack.

Volatile Dweevil[edit]


Volatile Dweevils prefer to carry bomb-rocks over all other objects; when one sees a leader or Pikmin, it follows it and the bomb-rock's timer starts. When this detonates, the Dweevil is killed, making the best tactic when confronted with one of these to run away. It is also possible to petrify one with an ultra-bitter spray and then kill it without it ever exploding. Upon defeat this way, the creature may leave behind nectar, or possibly a spray. These Dweevils commonly drop from ceilings, and it is the only enemy that can die in the Piklopedia.

Minor glitch[edit]

If a Dweevil is punched on its last bit of HP right when it picks up an item, it will remain alive, but with no HP.


The name "Dweevil" is an alteration of the word "weevil", an insect they closely resemble. In Japan, smaller dweevils have ショイグモ? in their name, which translates to "carrying spider", referring to their spider-like appearance and how they carry things in their backs. The Mandarachnia genus in each of the members' scientific name refers to the arachnida class of real-life spiders. The internal name for each small dweevil uses the word otakara, which means treasure; again, this refers to their carrying ability.

In the GameCube Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 18, the genus name used for the dweevils is missing an 'n', making it Mandarchia.[1]


  • When a leader uses the Napsack near a Dweevil, it is possible for the Dweevil to pick him up to mimic him. However, because it runs away from leaders, it won't sit still once it grabs one of them. This can sometimes result in a glitch.
  • The Dweevils can still kill Pikmin after they die; unlike most enemies, when the health chart reaches zero, it will not interrupt an ongoing attack animation.

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