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1. 2 files both 100%.

2. Total of 1090 pikmin sprouted.

3. At least, 6 pikmin lost in last battle.

Pikmin 2:

1.100 each pikmin sprouted (500 total)

2. Titan Dweevil no pikmin/damage lost.

3.All caves/maps mastered. (100% game)

Pikmin 3: (Nothing here yet)

Pikmin Ideas!

Well I have a large imagination with making ideas for newer games. See games below:

Pikmin 4:

Black and Green Pikmin

Alph , Brittany , Charlie , Drake , and Ethan.

The Youth Phosbat


Howling Harpillar

Vehemoth Phosbat

Midnight Phosbat

Ninjackiwi Snagret

Stonebelcher Mothrix

Swampy Long Legs

Segmented  Burrow-Mite

Winter Shellfrid

Aquatic Meerphibian

Sandbelching Meerslug

ColdShot Cannon Beetle

Emperor Bulblax

Empress Bulblax

Striding SkeetTank

Armored Mawdad



​Ruby-Orb Trio:

Leader: Angler Mothrix

Minion: Spiked Mawdad

Minion: TitaniaCrabster

Final boss:


​Pikmin 5:

Orange Pikmin and Maroon Pikmin

Alph Brittany Charlie Drake Ethan and Freddie

Bosses 2:


Wind Wollywog

Mega Bulborb

Poison Bear

Metal Drakoborb

Gigantic Smoakow

Hopes for Future Pikmin Games

Pikmin 3:

  • Character D
  • Hocatations
  • Actual Vocal Conversations
  • Epic Emporer Bulblax designs.
  • Orange Pikmin

Epic Pikmin Enemies

My Enemies:

Blue Bulborb

Yellow Bulborb

Green Bulborb

Striding Bulborb

Crasher Wollywog

Copperheaded Snagret

Bull Shellfrid

Venus PikTrap

Pellet Compactor



Hermit Crawrid

Ballistical Crabblitz

Emerald AlumiCrab

Ballistic MessulaCrab