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Brittany's spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It uses official artwork from Pikmin 3.
Name Brittany
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Eye color Black
Hair color Pink
Home planet Koppai
Known related characters Auntie Bea (aunt), Nelle (unspecified relative)
Height ~1.9 cm (0.75 inches)
First game Pikmin 3
Latest game Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Brittany (ブリトニー?) is one of the three leaders in Pikmin 3. She visits PNF-404, along with Alph and her captain, Charlie in search of food for the hungry planet of Koppai. She is a botanist, who is responsible of keeping track of the fruit found on the planet and juices produced by the crew.


Brittany has a pointed nose, small black eyes, and shoulder-length pink hair. She wears glasses with dark red frames, a bulky space suit with a transparent helmet, whistle, and an antenna. Her gloves and boots are the same shade of pink as her hair, as is the light atop her helmet's antenna. Differentiating her from all other leaders are some feminine touches: her suit ends in a small skirt highlighted in pink, and a gap in the sole of her boots gives the impression of a modest heel.

In prerelease versions, both her spacesuit and antenna-light were colored yellow.


Brittany is, for the most part, a caring and friendly individual. She takes her role as the crew's botanist very seriously, making note of every piece of fruit the crew finds, and also portioning out the helpings of juice delivered at the end of each day. Brittany is a bit of a glutton, humorously noted for retaining the largest portions of juice among her fellow crewmates. Alph does suspect that she tends to take slightly more than her share of juice, but Brittany will always shrug it off and insist that she is handing out equal portions, implying she is also fairly dishonest. She also seems to have a liking for all things cute, particularly the Pikmin and some of the fruit she encounters.

Brittany appears to have a mostly friendly relationship with Alph, sometimes calling him "Alphie" in an affectionate way and always preferring to talk with him instead of Charlie. However, she seems to have a disliking for Charlie, noted by insulting his favorite color when mentioning the green color of Dawn Pustules and suspecting that he was 'hogging all the fruit to himself' before rescuing him in Distant Tundra. She will also consider giving him portions of juice even smaller than Alph's. Brittany also seems to get lonely and homesick easily, as seen in the Fruit Files, where she says she misses her family and frequently relates fruit to her auntie Bea, who she is particularly fond of.

Knowing that the Pikmin are plants themselves, Brittany has a deep respect and care toward them, lamenting the loss of any Pikmin to large creatures or bosses.


Brittany, Alph and Captain Charlie, three astronauts from the planet Koppai, were are tasked with saving their home planet after their planet's food supplies become nearly depleted. When data collected reveals that a distant planet is rich with a variety of fruits whose seeds can be cultivated on Koppai to end the food shortage, the crew of three travel to the planet in the S.S. Drake.

However, their ship malfunctions and they become separated just before landing, with the cosmic-drive key also being lost, which is mandatory for leaving the planet. The three eventually reunite and begin collecting fruit, harvesting their seeds and using their juice for sustenance while on the planet, and eventually meets up with Louie and later on Olimar, who they rescue from the Plasm Wraith. He then gives them their lost cosmic-drive key, allowing them to return to Koppai safely with their findings. She may also have a relative named Nelle from Pikmin 4.



Reached target location
"I'm here. Now what?"
"Whew! I'm here! Ready?"
"I've arrived!"
"Sorry for the delay."
Attacked by enemy
"Yikes! Stay back!"
"I need orders, quick!"
"Can I have some help here?!"
Collected a new fruit
"New fruit! Yay!"
"Let's analyse the other fruit!"
"We've retrieved a new type of fruit. Can't wait to taste it!"
No fruit collected
"Well... We didn't gather any food at all today! We need to step it up!"
"We did our best...but we didn't find any food today. Not good."
Juice consumption
"We've worked hard today, and now it's time for our reward!"
"I'll ration out the food supply!"
"(Alph can make do with a slightly smaller portion...)"
"Knowing this is waiting at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile!"
"(It's a pity I have to split it with the others though...)"
"(If only I didn't have to share it with the others...)"
"Well then... Bottoms up!"
Decent supply of juice
"Good! We still have juice left."
"We have enough food to last us for a short while at least."
"This is great! We actually have a little bit of a juice buffer!"
Low on juice
"Urk... We don't have much juice left. We need more fruit, like, now!"
"Oh dear... We don't have much juice left... We need to find more fruit ASAP!"
Lights up cave
Glowing flowers bloom
"It's looks so lovely and fluffy..."
Finds a geyser
"Ooh, a hot spring!"
Found a place to throw Pikmin across
"From here, I should be able to throw them to the other side!"


Call from Brittany
Alph: "Incoming call! Who's it from?"
Brittany: "Alph! It's me, Brittany! Do you copy?"
Brittany: "Thank goodness! You're with the S.S. Drake, right?"
Brittany: "I made it through the landing in one piece. The thing is, I'm trapped somewhere."
Brittany: "And I'm starv-"
Alph: "Oh, no! We've been cut off! I wonder how far Brittany is."
Alph: "In any case, I'm glad that she seems to be safe and sound."
Alph calls Brittany
Alph: "Brittany's just lying there! I hope I'm not too late!"
Alph: "Pick up, Brittany! Pick up! Please be OK!"
Alph: "......"
Brittany: "Alph?! Sorry about that. I was just taking a little nap. So, you're close by?"
Brittany: "Why wasn't I moving, you ask? Hee hee, well, you know me. I can sleep anywhere."
Brittany: "But never mind that. Listen, I discovered what looks like a huge piece of fruit! It's over there!"
Brittany: "But I'm stuck here for the time being. Could you go and check it out for me?"
Stuck behind crystal wall
"Alph! I've been waiting for you!"
"I can't break through this wall."
"Do something, Alphie!"
"Can you smash this wall?"
Freed from crystal wall
"Whew! I can't tell you how happy I am to get out of this place."
"I'm fed up of sleeping rough. And I'm super hungry!"
"Uh... What's with your entourage there?"
"What's that you say? They're called Pikmin? They're cute."
"But we don't have time for cuteness right now! Look over there, Alph!"
"Let's work together and nab that huge piece of fruit!"
Throwing leaders tutorial
"All right, here we go!"
"First, switch what you're throwing..."
"so you can throw me!"
"Throw me!"
"OK, let's throw some Pikmin."
"I'll take it from here! Press WiiU Y.png / Wiimote Minus.png / WiiU Y.png, if you'd be so kind!"
Approach electric gate
"Think I'll keep my distance..."
Picking up signal
"Now, what could this be? The radar's picking something up."
"There's a signal coming from here! Maybe it's a new type of food!"
"Let's go and look right away!"
Finds "Go Here!" note
"How odd to find such a memo!"
"Come to think of it, the radar did have a "Go Here!" feature."
"Maybe I should give it a try later on."
Burning Pikmin
"Huh, what's going on? Pikmin in peril!"
"If I whistle with WiiU ZR.png / Wiimote B.png / WiiUPC R.png, maybe I can help."
Drowning Pikmin
"Oh no! Drowning Pikmin!"
"I need to blow the whistle with WiiU ZR.png / Wiimote B.png / WiiUPC R.png to call the Pikmin back over here!"
Closer to signal
"The signal seems like it's coming from past here."
Data file on the way to the mysterious signal
"What? There's a data file all the way out here?"
"Hocotate? Isn't that near Koppai?"
"Yeah, if I'm remembering right, its inhabitants love treasure and eat only vegetables."
"Did they come all this way to hunt for treasure? This Olimar guy must have a lot of time to spare..."
About to enter Armored Mawdad arena
"Looks like some kind of nest..."
Enter Armored Mawdad's arena
"Something doesn't feel quite right here..."
Armored Mawdad charges
"Nononope! Keep away!"
Need to break armor
"I need to do something about that shell..."
Break Armored Mawdad's armor
"It broke! Maybe now..."
Armored Mawdad missing in action
"Where's it hiding?"
Finds scales
"I can't use that by myself..."
Almost sundown
"It will soon be sundown."
"According to what Alph said, stray Pikmin face attacks from nocturnal predators."
"It looks like the Pikmin in the area of the nest thing we call an Onion can get back on their own, though."
"I'd better call back any Pikmin who aren't in my squad."
Morning after Brittany's rescue and fruit is recovered
Alph: "We've finally discovered edible matter!"
Brittany: "Yes! And after careful analysis, my conclusion is that the fruit juice... is delicious!"
Alph: "I've never tasted anything like it on Koppai!"
Brittany: "There's got to be more where that came from. Let's focus our efforts on finding as much as we can!"
Alph: "But don't forget the cosmic drive key! It's no use finding fruit if we can't get it back to Koppai."
Brittany: "Right! Gathering food and locating the cosmic drive key. That should be more than enough to keep us busy."
Alph: "And, err, don't forget the Captain. We need to rescue him as well!"
Brittany: "The Captain? Oh yeah. He almost slipped my mind."
Brittany: "Well I guess we can pick him up along the way."
Regarding the mysterious signal in the Garden of Hope
Brittany: "What's that signal coming from over there?"
Alph: "It has to be the Captain! Let's hurry up and rescue him!"
Brittany: "...Good idea. He might be hogging all the fruit to himself."
Falls into cave
"Ouch ouch ouch! My...face... Alph? Are you OK?"
"Alph? I said, are you OK?"
"Oh, no! Don't tell me we've been separated again!"
"It's so dark in here..."
Finds Yellow Pikmin
"There's something here!"
"What are these Pikmin doing?"
"Pikmin sprouts?"
"Is this another Onion? I suppose they need light to live."
Near cave exit
"I can feel a draft coming in..."
Exits cave
Brittany: "Phew! It's good to be outside again. I was getting claustrophobic in that cave!"
Brittany: "Hey, there's Alph! And the S.S. Drake is there, too!"
Brittany: "Alph! I'm over here!"
Alph: "Ah, Brittany! Thank goodness you're OK!"
Alph: "I see you're on the other side of the river!"
Alph: "Our first priority is to reunite, so let's work together! Press Y when you want to hand over control!"
Brittany: "Got it!"
Brittany: "This place is absolutely freezing! If we stay too long, I'm afraid we're going to die of exposure."
Brittany: "That is, if we don't die of starvation first."
Alph: "Hey Brittany!"
Alph: "Did you find something interesting over there?"
Brittany: "Yes, actually! A new type of Pikmin!"
Alph: "Really?!"
Brittany: "Yep, they're yellow and have big ears!"
Alph: "Wow! I want to meet them too!"
Brittany: "OK!"
Brittany: "I'll have to find a place where I can throw them across to you."
Pikmin's path is abstructed
"The Pikmin seem to be having problems carrying their load back. I'd better do something..."
Near a warm cave
"I can feel a warm breeze coming from within..."

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U[edit]

One of Alph's alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has a pink color scheme, reminiscent of Brittany. She also appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

The trophy for Brittany in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, showing Brittany plucking a Red Pikmin. US version icon.png US description:

Brittany is part of the crew that crash-lands on PNF-404. She calls for help using her KopPad, and when Alph finally reaches her, he's got a bunch of Pikmin with him. Brittany doesn't let her deep fascination with these creatures distract her from giving Alph orders.
Appears in:

The icon for the Wii U. Pikmin 3 (08/2013)
European version icon.png EU description:

Brittany is part of the crew that crash-lands on PNF-404. She calls for help using her KopPad, and when Alph finally reaches her, he's got a bunch of Pikmin with him. The biologist in her is deeply fascinated with these creatures, but unfortunately for Alph, that fascination isn't enough to keep her from bossing him around.
Related Games

The icon for the Wii U. Pikmin 3 (07/2013)
How to obtain: Random appearance. Type: Stage Trophy Box: 62. Space Explorer


Pikmin 3 Deluxe official website bio[edit]

An expert on plant life, Brittany has a strong will—and a strong appetite, too.

Pikmin Bloom social media accounts' bio[edit]

Brittany is a botanist from the team's home planet, Koppai. She puts her knowledge to use by managing the stranded team's food supply. However, when rationing food, she does tend to give herself a larger portion than her fellow crew members…[1]

Pikmin 3 official Japanese website bio[edit]

  • Text: コッパイ星を代表する植物学者。しっかり者で、ちょっぴり気が強い。食いしん坊な一面も。
  • Translation: A botanist representing Koppai. She is firm and a bit strong-willed. She also has a gluttonous side.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe official Japanese website bio[edit]

  • Text: しっかり者で、ちょっぴり気が強い。食いしん坊な一面も。
  • Translation: She is firm and a bit strong-willed. She also has a gluttonous side.

Pikmin Garden bio[edit]




出身星 コッパイ星


関係者 おばさま

趣味 食べること、美容

夢 コッパイ星で持続的な食料供給ができるようにする


Botanist of the S.S. Drake


Home planet: Koppai

She is a botanist representing Koppai, and uses her knowledge to compile reports on fruits. She is obsessed with food and has a malicious side.

Related persons: aunt

Hobbies: eating, beauty

Dreams: ensuring a sustainable food supply on Koppai


Brittany's name references botany (biology specializing in plants), as Brittany is a scientist in this field of biology. The initial of her name is also the same letter of her prototype name ("Character B"), just like Alph and Charlie.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ブリトニー?
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
布莉特妮 Brittany
Flag of China Chinese
布莉特妮 Brittany
Flag of France French Brittany -
Flag of Germany German Brittany -
Flag of Italy Italian Brittany -
Flag of South Korea Korean 브리타니
Flag of Spain Spanish Brittany -
Flag of Russia Russian Бриттани
Brittany Used in official media
Flag of Israel Hebrew בריטני
Brittany Used in official media[2]



  • Brittany's initial of her name is the same letter of her prototype name (Character B), just like Alph and Charlie.
  • Before rescuing Charlie, Brittany will mention at the end of the day that she'll shorten Alph's ration of juice to have more for herself, showing her gluttonous nature.
  • Brittany is one of the few characters with a normally sized nose. It appears to run in her family and it is hinted that they wished they had big noses as she states that they all envy her aunt's big one.
  • The name of the user depicted in the screenshots in the tutorial on levels in Pikmin Bloom is also named Brittany.


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