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I'd been bettering the grammar for a few days, and so I decided to get an account.

I first got into Pikmin about a month ago. I am now hooked. Day 27, 28 parts, 640 Pikmin, 540 lost in battle and none left behind. I've cleared the The Impact Site, The Forest of Hope and The Forest Navel

I didn't save my progress after that, in going to the Final Trial but when I went, I ended up with 29/30 parts (it took two days to get there and kill the thing. Then the countdown started >_<) I ended up with the "ok" ending, with 457 surviving Pikmin, 778 died in battle, and 1261 sprouted. Then it auto-saved.

I was surprised how easy it was to get the Extraordinary Bolt-and yet it was the last FoH part I collected. Odd. I feel a bit silly for not collecting more than one part per day, but I guess I'll learn next time around.

I got two parts in one day! A first for me. Day 25 I got the Pilot's seat (Which I'd left behind a fence a few days ago, realizing that two parts on that day was impossible, stupid snitchbug) and the odd cog-stack thingy. I now have three days left, and two parts to get. (Yes, I know you al do speed-runs, but I'm new ok? >_<)

I've made some lego Pikmin. I like them very much. View them all Here

Apparently this is me when not logged in: