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Pikmin 3 ideas

Most arwork displayed is NOT mine, as im reeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyy crap at paint, as you'll see from the images I have edited so I give full credit to their original illustraters. Go to the discussion to give youre views!


New Pikmin: Note, thease are ideas for new pikmin types. I believe in Pikmin 3 there will only be around 2-3 new types as 10 (Which many people want) is waaayy to much.

The nature-packed Green Pikmin

Green: Have tails, which resemble a blade of grass with the respective leaf/bud/flower. They can make plants, such as Pellet Possies or Nectar Weed grow faster or regrow. You need a certain number to make them grow (.e.g. 5 for a Pellet Posy). They have an Onion, and their respective Candypop bud is the Emearald Candypop bud. Their onion, along with the red, yellow and blue onions make a diamond like shape when they land. I got this idea from Pikmin 1, in where I got annoyed how long it took pellet posies to grow.

Bomb rock wielding Orange Pikmin

Orange: Have no facial appearence, except for eyes. They are immune to explosions due to a waxy substance on their skin so this gives them their skin patches. They can also carry bomb rocks. They do not have an onion, and cannot be stored in the ship, so the only way to get them is by altering a Pikmin's DNA, via the Sunset Glow candypop bud. Their deaths at sunset do not count against the overall amount and cannot leave caves when found underground. I got this idea from Pikmin 2, because I hated how yellow pikmin lost their ability to carry bomb rocks and how a single explosion from a bomb rock could kill as much as 20 pikmin!

Pink: Have butterfly-like wings. They can fly short distances when thrown and have no strenghts or weaknesses. They don't have an Onion, so are stored in the Ship, and are gotten from Rose Candypop buds. I got this idea from my cousin's (who's a girl) pink butterfly plush, which, ironically, looks like a pikmin.

The Pikmin with De-fog, Cyan Pikmin

Cyan: Have clear, glass like leaves/buds/flowers. Their leaf/bud/flower's act as miniature fans, allowing them to blow away mist, steam or fog. However, depending on the thickness depends on the amount of pikmin needed to defog an area. Steam is found on hot water, which burns and drowns pikmin at the same time. They have onions however, they land in areas away from the landing site and their candypop is the Turquois Candypop bud. I based this idea of User:Snakeboss14's idea, oh be sure to go there for his great pikmin 3 ideas as well!

Black Pikmin: Due to their colour (NOT RACIST COMMENT) they don't reflect light. Thus they are immune to intense light beams (such as a magnifying glass). They have no special features except that their hands and feat are tinted yellow. They are gotten from Noir Doom Candypop bud's. Based on how Black doesn't reflect light, but absorbs it.

Bearmin: As the name implies they are bulbear varients of pikmin. Like bulbmin, they have immunity over fire, water, gas and electricity, solar and can defog areas as well. Only found underground and re-join with any other Adult Bulbmin they see, so aren't realiable when you're low on numbers. You can only have up to 15 bearmin. I doodled a picture of a bulbear fused with a pikmin in my scrapbook and it became my inspiration.

The Pufstool rebel, Rebel Pikmin

Rebel Pikmin: Are Mushroom Pikmin who aren't affected by a Puffstool's spores. During this phase there attacks are 5 times more powerfull and attack Puffstools ONLY. They turn back once the Puffstools defeated. My ideas is based of a glitch called Rebel Mushroom Pikmin in Pikmin 1.

New enemies

My new enemy ideas, most are original, others I based on other people's ideas. Written in the form of Olimar's Notes from Pikmin 2.

Peeking Pelleton

Pellet Weed Family

The Peeking Pelleton is part of a group of creatures, who, through evolution, 'mimic' the appearence of plants and creatures. Take the Peeking Pelleton for example. By re-ordering their DNA structre, their appearence changes to that of their closest relative, the Pellet Posy. Strangely, during this process, their stem is a light green colour and is without a distinctive pellet, leading some scientists to believe that this is what a pellet posy would look like without it's nectar crystalizing genes.

Bulbous Bulblax

Grub-dog Family

Although originally classified as a bulborb, recent field research has proven that's its internal structre is more similar to that of the bulblax sub-species. Though small compared to it's distant cousin, the Emperor Bulblax, it is surprisingly heavy, weighing at around twice it's weight. Most of it's overall body mass is comprised of body fat, however this is only due to it living in cold climates, as it has no other way of keeping itself warm.

Pellet Bud

Unknown Family

As a brand new species, research on the Pellet Bud is slow, though minimal details have been supplied. By utilizing the unique properties of Green Pikmin, this peplexing bud can produce large amounts of Pellets. It is under debate whether or not the Pellet Bud is of the Pellet Weed, or the Candypop Bud families. Due it possessing the nectar cyrastalizing gene, which is unique to the Pellet weed family, yet, its apperence, both internally and externally matches that of the candypop bud. More research of this strange plant is still awaiting approval.

Carnivorous Candypop Bud

Candypop Bud Family

As a member of the candypop bud family, this large bud plays a part in the life cycle of the pikmin species. However, instead of altering a Pikmin's DNA, it eats them! It's vibrant colours are alluring; but it can be distinguished from real Candypop's buy it's purple center and rectangular petals. Research has shown that heavier objects seem to be able to resist being eaten, with the bud burying itself due to the pressure. Along with Carnivorous, it is commonly refered as the 'Dead-end Candypop Bud', because it symbolises the end of a pikmin's life.

Dwarf Blue Bulborb

Grub-dog Family

The fast eating Blue Bulborb

A recent edition to the grub-dog family. However it's that very reason that only dwarfs of thease species have been discovered, a mature specimen has yet to be accounted for. This species of the Bulborb can actually eat at a rapid pace, rivalling that of mature Bulborbs! This has caused many scientists to believe that what we have is not a Dwarf Blue Bulborb but a Adult Blue Bulborb.

Yellow Bulborb

Grub-dog Family

The vegitarian Yellow Bulborb

This highly sensitive bulborb was actually seen a while back, yet up until now its exsistence hasn't been confirmed. The Yellow bulborb is for now one of the only Grub-dogs to be soley vegitarian, thus, it's main diet consists of plants and pellets. The reason for it's vegitarian habits is a hot debate along the science comitee.

An Acid Goolix
The alkalined Alkalix (Pic from Pikmin-Fanon)


Unknown Family

At first glance, one may suspect that a Alkalix's gooey posture contains acid, but it is actually contains more Alkaline chemicals than acid. As of now, no Pikmin have been found to be immune to it's goo, however research has proven that Hocotatian space suits can resist the alkalines in this strange creature.


Pikmin Family

Sporting a lime-green colour, Alkamin are possibly the most grotesque looking 'Pikmin' discovered. They are the rare result of a Alkalix's goo reacting with a Pikmin's natural oil's. Unlike most Pikmin who's body mostly comprises of acids and neutrals, a alkamin possesses high amounts of alkalines. This causes most other Pikmin to die on contact with Alkamin.



The direction input for sprays is now customizable, .e.g. Ultra-Spicy Spray doesn't have to be down.

Ultra Sour Spray (Bottom)

Ultra Sour Spray: Is yellow and when spayed it causes the captain who sprayed to gain a yellow aura. During the 30 seconds time limit, enemies will stay away from that Captain. However certain enemies are immune.

Ultra-Sweet Spray: is green, when sprayed it causes the Captains suits to be relenished by 25%. This is useful in caverns.


Mist: Also called fog or steam. While it doesn't harm pikmin directly, it makes it near impossible to see. If an enemy attacks you're Pikmin they will attack like crazy in all directions as they can't see. Only Cyan Pikmin and Bearmin with their defog abilities can get rid of mist. Occasionally, mist is generated by dark blue spray bottles. Acid: is the most harmfull hazard, as no Pikmin are immune to it. However, Captains space suits are immune, thus Captains must scour an area of acid and un-clog it so there Pikmin can cross. Acid looks like green-coloured water with bubbles inside.

Wind: While not harmfull, it can still be annoying. Wind takes the form of a small wind turbine with a AAA battery stuck behind it. Wind can push Pikmin into other enemies/hazads, however only Captains and Purple Pikmin are immune to wind.

Light: Is a dangerous moving hazard, light are basically a Magnifying glass concentrating light. But to Olimar, it's a massive laser beam that incinerates everything it touches. Think of the Magnifying glass enemies in Kororinpa.