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I am a very big Pikmin fan. Ever since I got the first Pikmin game I have been fascinated by the characters, enemies, and the game's story line. My favorite character is The President, my favorite pikmin are blues whites, and purples, my favorite treasures are the Monster Pump, the Possessed Squash, and the Survival Ointment. My favorite enemy is Man-at-Legs and all of the Grub-dogs. I got tired of my username, so on other wikias I am PK Fire. So if on this wikia or any other wikia PK Fire is editing my stuff, it's me.

My Signature

Chucknorris.jpg This user will ask Chuck Norris to kill you if necessary.
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New Pikmin Ideas

Purple and whites should get their own onions in the next Pikmin game, and here are some new Pikmin ideas.

Sky Blue Pikmin

There should be Sky Blue Pikmin. Because they are Sky Blue they should have wings and they should fly. They will follow you in the air and they should be able to drop bomb rocks on enemies from above. They should come from the Levitating Candypop Bud which should be sky blue and they should hover over the ground. They can also fly over fire, water, poison, and any other element. They should be stored in the rocket.

Jade Green Pikmin

There should be Jade Green Pikmin. They will have a mushroom on their head instead of a leaf and fangs so they can poison an enemy without being eaten. Once they use their poison three times the mushroom turns into a leaf and they attack like any other Pikmin. Then when they drink nectar or go in the rocket and come out again the leaf will turn into a mushroom and they can poison something three more times and it will turn into leaf again and so on. They will be stored in the rocket. They can also destroy poison jets and you get them from the rare Unappealling Candypop Bud. Which is an ugly greenish brown Candypop Bud that is smelly and wrinkley.

Also Me

If you see someone called or editing my user page that is my IP address and that is me when I am not logged on.

Super Random

Did you that on the of Super Mario Galaxy cover there are stars under the letters U, R, M, R, G, A, and Y? Which spells U R MR. GAY. I don't know if that is there as a little joke, or if that is just a very weird accident.

P E out!!! -PikminExpert Purplepelet.jpg Shootingfire.jpgPKFire