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Yo yo yo! What is up? My username is Pikmin Luva and I love white pikmin the most because they are poisonous. And my favorite treasure is King of Bugs. Oh ya, and my favorite charectar is Olimar baby! He is super chill. The coolest enemy in both games is Emperor Bulblax. He is hard, but I can kick his butt easily and he is so fun to fight. Oh ya, I am the brother of Pikmin Expert.

Losing Louie

So I am a long time Pikmin player, and I thought about it, why do you lose Louie? When you blast off, you look behind you and there is no Louie. I don't understand it. He did not deserve it in anyway. But, maybe Olimar found out that Louie ate the golden pikpik carrots, so he ditched him. It makes sense because maybe Olimar didn't want to go back, but The President made him go back to find Louie even thought he didn't want to. I think that Louie knew that Olimar knew, so he used the Titan Dweevil to try and kill Olimar to make it look like an accident, and The President wouldn't fire Louie beacuse he would not find out about Louie's dark secret. This could be true because there is no proof it is true or false. JFK out.