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This user had the flu sooooooooo........................

Hello(no duh)

Hi I'm Pikmin fan 101! First off, i would like to apologize to whoever i cussed at(including you CL). I realized I've been very Dum ever since i joined.Anyways, I'm a big fan of Pikmin! I think the red pikmin are the best(even though my favorite color is blue)because 1. there the strongest(in the first game) 2. i always seem to get a lot of them 3. there a lot of fire enemys in pikmin 2, so that helps. I am also a member on the Weasel wiki -->!!!.Plz join, we are in need of contributors(baaaaaaaadly)--I'm the one, the only, ~PikminA clay model of a Red Pikmin.Fan~ 101 I am on Flipnote Hatana, which i now hate because they deleted two of muh videos. Fuck them.[1]

Special stuff

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Clay artwork of a bud Red Pikmin. This user is a featured user!

Artwork of an Armored Cannon Beetle.
This user killed this guy in like 5 seconds...

Don't ask me how Pikmin 2 is 50 bucks used with a crappy case and no booklet.

Olimar is properly thinking *o shit*


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