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This page should clarify any doubts, confusion, or misconceptions. If you wish to ask a new question about this wiki or a general wiki question, create a page at the help desk and we will try to answer it. For information on how to edit pages, see Help:Editing; or if you just want to know what you can do, take a look at Pikipedia:Helping out.


How do I sign my name at the end of my posts?

To sign your name, type four tildes.

You can customize your signature in your preferences page.


How do I create my user page?

To create your user page, you need to sign up for an account on Pikipedia and become an autoconfirmed user. After you have met the requirements, click on your account name in the upper-right corner (assuming you are using the default skin) and you will be taken to a blank page.

Once you are at the blank page, click on the "Edit" tab and edit to your heart's content.

How do I make a subpage for my user page?

To make a subpage for your user page, you must first be an autoconfirmed user. Once that requirement is met, add a slash after your username in the address (URL), then type the name of the page you want to create. You can also preview a link to the page by editing any other page, then click on that to go there.

  • Example: Say that Goolix wanted to create a user subpage called sig. On their user page, they would type: [[User:Goolix/sig]], then preview the page. Once the page is previewed, they would click on the link they just created and edit it.

How do I make a userbox?

A userbox is a small, usually colored box that users place on their user pages to give information about themselves. They tend to concern the preferences or habits of a user. Current Pikipedia userboxes are found at Category:Pikipedia userboxes.

To create a custom userbox, there are a number of options:

  • Use code from an existing userbox. This involves editing another userbox on the wiki to copy its code, then changing it to suit your needs. This should be saved as a subpage to your user page.
  • Use Template:Userbox. Follow the documentation found at Template:Userbox to create a simple userbox.
  • Otherwise, if you have knowledge of MediaWiki tables and CSS styles, create a userbox from scratch. These are the two basic elements used in userboxes and are all that is needed.

Once saved, the finished userbox can be substituted into any page via the code {{User:Username/subpage}}.

Other than that, there's the user infobox, which you can use to list some info about yourself.


Userboxes are most often arranged into columns, or "towers", on user pages, especially when there are quite a few to display. This can be achieved with the following code (change float: right to float: left if preferred):

{|style="border-spacing: 10px; float: right;"
| The first userbox goes here
| Another one could be here
| And so on

This is a simple MediaWiki table, so it can be given styles and classes like any other table.

What do NTSC and PAL mean?

Main article: Region.

NTSC and PAL are analog television encoding schemes. NTSC is used in North America and Japan, while PAL is used in Europe and Australia. Video games from before the age of digital television usually have separate NTSC and PAL versions for technical reasons, but these version differences are also used to allow for different localization versions, altering aspects of the game to fit regional cultural differences. "NTSC" is often used as a short way to refer to the American localization of a game, while "PAL" is used to refer to the European localisation. However, this usage of the terms is technically inaccurate, since the versions for different televisions don't necessarily have to have localization differences, and there can be different versions of the game for the same encoding scheme (such as different Japanese and American versions that both use NTSC). On Pikipedia, it is therefore recommended to use the terms "Japanese", "US", and "European" to refer to the different localized versions of Pikmin games.

Can I spell "Pikmin" with a lowercase p?

No. Every time you type Pikmin, always do it with an uppercase P. This is the official spelling. You can read more at Pikmin family#Naming.