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Hey everyone! I'm Ymmot392, you can call my Ymmot, Tommy, or whatever suits you better. As a big fan of the Pikmin series, I am one of the admins of Pikipedia. I like a variety of video game franchises, including but not limited to Pikmin, Mega Man, Shantae, Banjo-Kazooie, and so on. Some of my hobbies are drawing and creating music.



Tumblr (nsfw)




Skype name: ymmot392

Steam name: Ymmot

High Scores


Parts: 30/30

Days: 9/30

Surviving Pikmin: 354

Pikmin Lost: 130

Pikmin 2

Debt Repayment: Day 6

Treasure Completion: Day 8

Pikmin Born: ?

Pikmin Lost: 0

Major Accomplishments