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A clog in the Awakening Wood.

Since this subject has no official name, the name Clog is conjectural.

A clog is an obstacle in Pikmin 2 that looks like a cracked rock, used to block the entrance of caves and geysers, and to plug holes underwater so that areas remain flooded. They can be destroyed with Pikmin; often, only Blue Pikmin are able to approach them due to them being submerged. By destroying an underwater clog, a hole is opened up that drains the water from the surrounding area. However, clogs also appear on certain caves, and block the hole that leads to the next sublevel.




  • In Pikmin 2's game files, the holes on the final sublevels of the Subterranean Complex, the Hole of Beasts and the Bulblax Kingdom are told to contain a clog. This setting is ignored however, as final sublevels don't have holes.
  • By entering a cave just before a clog's destruction cutscene takes place, it is possible to bypass the cutscene and still have the clog count as being destroyed.[1]

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  1. YouTube video showing the effects of entering a cave just before the clog cutscene begins