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Hello! im TabuuandMasterCore from the SmashWiki ( with Master Hand holding the logo ) I also have a Super Mario Wiki, Donkey Kong Wiki and the Metroid Wiki. Im glad to help! I will link them here when I get autoconfirmed on those wikis.

I love Captain Olimar, Alph, and the Pikmin Family! I got my Bond with them in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. I finally own Pikmin 3 I went to 15 different stores, sold out, but in Columbia, South Carolina in a Walmart, I found Pikmin 3 I was thrilled when I got it. The search of Pikmin 3 is officially over. Im playing it soon. Bulborb even Red Bulborb are annoying because I have faced them in the Dolphin version. because of that I had 1,000 Pikmin Extinctions.

My favorite family in the games the Grub-dog family.

My least favorite Bulborb type is the Bulblord. The most annoying Pikmin Type is Rock Pikmin.

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Pikmin 3 related posts by me.

Torches, Smoke and, Fire PIKMIN ON FIRE!

Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS theory

It's possible that the code named Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS is possibly Pikmin 4 when released. this is just a theory.

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I didn't want to do this to Princess Peach...