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Hey! Pikmin icon.png
Hey! Pikmin
North American boxart
Japanese name Hey! ピクミン?
ESRB rating E 10+
Console Nintendo 3DS
Developer Arzest
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action
Players TBA
Release date
Japan July 13th, 2017
North America July 28th, 2017
Europe July 28th, 2017
Australia July 29th, 2017
Related games
Predecessor TBA

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For information about an upcoming Pikmin game titled Pikmin 4, see Pikmin 4.

Hey! Pikmin is an upcoming Pikmin spinoff game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was announced on the September 1st, 2016 Nintendo Direct[1], where some gameplay information and footage was shown. The official title, the launch date, the basic story line, and other gameplay elements were shown during the April 12th, 2017 Nintendo Direct.[2] It is scheduled to be released on July 13th, 2017 for Japan, July 28th, 2017 for North America and Europe, and July 29th, 2017 for Australia.


Unlike the previous Pikmin games, which were 3D real-time strategy games, this one is a 2.5D side-scroller. Players control Captain Olimar, who in turn controls a group of Pikmin, which can be thrown at enemies to battle them, at obstacles to clear them, or at treasures to carry them. Treasures and certain collectables are worth some amount of "Sparklium", and the idea is to collect as much Sparklium as possible before reaching the level's goal.

Gameplay happens on the bottom screen, although both screens show the action. The player controls Olimar left or right on the ground and also vertically when climbing a vine or underwater. Small ledges can be climbed up by simply walking in their direction. Captain Olimar can also deploy his jetpack, which makes him dismiss the Pikmin temporarily, raises him off the ground, and allows the player to control him in midair left or right. Olimar can only stay afloat for a limited amount of time, though; this limit gets reset when Olimar lands again.

The player can whistle Pikmin from anywhere on the screen, which makes them run to Olimar's side. Although for unknown reasons, some Pikmin may not come, like Pikmin carrying bridge fragments. When the whistle is used, a voice going "Hey!" can be heard, although it doesn't seem to match Captain Olimar's. Once in Olimar's group, they can be thrown by him in the direction the player taps. Unlike the main Pikmin games, the Pikmin cannot be told to idle as normally – throwing a Pikmin away to no task in particular will just make the Pikmin walk back to Olimar. This casual walk can be ordered into a run by simply whistling. Using the jetpack will however dismiss the Pikmin on the spot, until they are called back. Entering a doorway while some Pikmin are busy carrying or fighting will also leave them idling, although they can still hold on to whatever item they are holding.

Pikmin that are thrown at branches from below go up through them and land on top of them. Pikmin that land close to a task like a pile of bridge fragments will automatically walk towards it and begin working on it. Enemy health is represented with a horizontal bar, unlike the pie chart of previous games. Blue Pikmin thrown while underwater are tossed in a straight line instead of an arc, and swim back to Olimar right away. Other Pikmin will either bounce off the enemy or, if possible, latch on to it and attack repeatedly. Unlike the previous games, that show a fraction to represent how many Pikmin are needed to pick something up, some bubbles appear on top of the object, matching the number of Pikmin necessary. As Pikmin are added, the bubbles become filled one by one.

Pikmin cannot be grown in this game, but rather, they're found in the wild by Olimar, either behind foliage or obtained in short cutscenes.[3] Because of this, enemies do not drop corpses (although they still release spirits), and just fade away shortly after being taken down.

Captain Olimar lands on the stage after being beamed down by a blue ship that highly resembles the Research Pod. Treasure and objects are collected by having Olimar himself touch them. Treasures involve a small cutscene that shows Olimar summoning a portal of sorts to beam up the object; after the cutscene, there's a small pause showing the treasure's name and value. After collecting a treasure, it is replaced by Rainbow Sparklium seeds if the player replays the level. The value of a new treasure isn't added to the total of Sparklium yet, but collecting the Rainbow Sparklium seed equivalent to that treasure adds the value right away – the Rainbow Sparklium seems to be worth less than the treasure it replaces. There seem to be three treasures per stage, and collecting one adds its icon to the trio of bubbles on the top screen's HUD.

There are more elements on the top screen's HUD. At the top-left is an icon for Olimar and some green bars, that represent his current health.[4] At the middle is a counter of Pikmin. This indicates the number of Pikmin alive that belong to Olimar's arsenal. If the number is white, that means all Pikmin are currently following the captain, but if the number is gray, that means some Pikmin are working or otherwise not following Olimar. If the number is flashing red, that means some Pikmin that used to be long to Olimar's group are out of reach, possibly because they got dismissed by the jetpack function. Right next to the Pikmin counter is the Sparklium counter, indicating how many points of Sparklium have been collected in the level. Finally, as mentioned before, the top-right has icons for the treasures in the level.

At times, the Research Pod-like entity will interrupt gameplay to alert Captain Olimar of something, like when Pikmin are being left behind – supposedly, if they are left behind for too long, they perish. Due to the game's side-scrolling perspective, there may be paths hidden behind walls.

The icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen indicates the current type of Pikmin, or a red cross if there are no Pikmin ready to be thrown. It can be noted that Pikmin are never on Olimar's group with mixed maturities. At some point in the level, the Pikmin evolve to the next stage for unknown reasons. Any new, less matured Pikmin that get added later will evolve into the updated maturity as soon as they touch Olimar.


Little is known about the plot of the game. The first footage of the game reveals Olimar exploring a Pikmin-populated world with a blue ship pod that resembles the Research Pod. The newest footage reveals Olimar piloting a new ship called the "S.S. Dolphin 2" through a field of asteroids. Olimar "loses control" of the ship and crash-lands on a "new planet" inhabited by Pikmin. The goal of the game as explained by the trailer is to refuel the ship by collecting treasures and "sparklium seeds," presumably the golden seeds. It is not known whether or not this game is canon.



  • Red Pikmin – resistant to fire. If thrown onto a pit of fire, they stomp out the flames.
  • Yellow Pikmin – resistant to electricity, are able to activate electric currents, and are thrown higher.
  • Blue Pikmin – can survive and swim underwater.
  • Rock Pikmin – have rock-hard bodies and can smash through crystals.
  • Winged Pikmin – can fly over hazards like water. Can be used to help Olimar descend from heights[5].
  • Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin – Although not shown nor confirmed, the Onion shown in the gameplay footage has some purple and white liquid inside it (along with red, yellow, gray, and pink), indicating that it has Purple Pikmin inside[6].


  • A place similar to Awakening Wood.
  • A place similar to Wistful Wild.
  • Cavern of Confusion: A cave focused on the Yellow Pikmin and their higher throw height. Some walls made of sand block passage or serve as puzzle elements, and some stone floors give way when stepped on.
  • An underwater area.


Some flower Red Pikmin carrying a trophy.

The only known treasures shown so far are:

  • A bronze-like trophy.
  • A flat, dark blue, rectangular item.
  • A battery.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A ring with a pearl called "Loop of Beginnings" worth 100 Sparklium.
  • A ring with a sapphire called "Consolation Prize" worth 100 Sparklium.
  • A second ring with a sapphire called "Blues Eradicator" worth 100 Sparklium.
  • A yo-yo called "Hypno Pendulum" worth 100 Sparklium.
  • An harmonica called "Song Sewer" worth 400 Sparklium.
  • A dip pen called "Peace Missile" worth 400 Sparklium.
  • A whistle called "Giga Whistle" worth 100 Sparklium.
  • An electric tootbrush called "Berserker Brush" worth 400 Sparklium.
  • A tube of toothpaste called "Rocket Polish" worth 200 Sparklium.


Puckering Blinnow[edit]

A school of Puckering Blinnows.

Puckering Blinnows return with few noticeable changes to their appearance. They are found in a small schools underwater and do not leave any spoils or bodies behind upon death. A single hit is necessary to kill this enemy. If they see Olimar, they will turn to him, and after a second or two of delay, will quickly swim in a straight line in the direction they are facing. If the large lamprey-like enemy swoops one up, it will be eaten and killed, but if it only grazes it when lunging, it will cause the Blinnow to reel back a bit in fright.

Unnamed yellow bird-like creature[edit]

An unknown yellow bird-like enemy.

An unknown yellow bird-like creature can be seen advancing towards Olimar during the Nintendo Direct footage. The creature exhibits the general body shape of a grub dog, with a large pink finch-like beak and big eyes on the side of its head. Similar to the kiwi bird, this creature has no visible wings and seems to be exclusively terrestrial. After being thrown at with Red Pikmin, the creature flinches while its walking speed slows down until it finally dies. Upon death, 2 Sparklium seeds are released. It can sometimes come out of burrows inside a wall, and clucks when turning around.

Unnamed lamprey-like creature[edit]

A lamprey-like enemy.

An unknown lamprey-like creature can be seen in the Nintendo Direct trailer during an underwater section. Its body is mostly purple with a yellow underside and a pattern of blue ovals along its side together with red and yellow cuttlefish-like fins. It has two eyes on thin, pink stalks and a large, pink round mouth filled with teeth. It announces its present by peeking from the bottom, and then going back down. Some seconds after it does this, it quickly spirals upwards from the bottom and blocks the player's path. Pikmin or smaller enemies that touch the mouth during this attack are eaten and killed. To damage it, Pikmin must be thrown at its extended body.

Unnamed small green flying creature[edit]

Some green, flying enemies.

A group of unknown small creatures can be seen flying in a consistent line during the Nintendo Direct trailer. They are vaguely scarpanid-like with a small, flat lime head and red compound eyes on a plump, green body. The creatures fly around using wings that heavily resemble five-petaled flowers with blueish tips similar to Onions. These enemies are seen carrying sparklium seeds, as well as Red Pikmin, within their two convex forelegs and two concave hind legs. If Pikmin are thrown at them, they instantly die and drop whatever they're carrying. Only 1 hit is needed to kill this creatures.

Unnamed large green flying creature[edit]

A dragonfly-like creature.

A large, green, vaguely dragonfly-like creature can be seen slowly moving across the top of the screen during the Nintendo Direct trailer. It's currently unknown if the creature is flying on its own or if it is getting dragged by something. The creature exhibits some scarpanid-like traits, sporting a plump, green, multiple segmented torso and a small, lime green head with large red and yellow eyes. In addition to these features, the creature seems to have small, horizontal insect-like wings and an elongated, brown segmented abdomen similar to dragonflies. The creature carries several sparklium seeds objects under its abdomen and the player can throw Pikmin at them to break them into smaller parts that can be carried.

Unnamed electrical burrowing bugs[edit]

An unnamed orange bug.

Two burrowing creatures can be seen near the bottom left corner of the game's box art. They have six legs and three body segments. They are later seen in some gameplay patrolling a platform. They can be used as light source to light up dark areas by throwing Yellow Pikmin at them, presumably because they're electric as seen by the sparks they emit after being hit by one. In the gameplay shown, a Yellow Pikmin is thrown at it and a flower nearby opens up, similar to the Bloominous Stemple from Pikmin 3.[7]

Possible Anode Beetle redesign[edit]

A creature similar to an Anode Beetle.

Possibly a new enemy or an Anode Beetle redesign seen in the April 2017 Nintendo Direct. It has vertical mandibles unlike bugs in real life and more yellow spots compared to the Anode Beetle.

Possible Breadbug redesign[edit]

A creature similar to a Breadbug.

Possibly a new enemy or a Breadbug redesign seen in the April 2017 Nintendo Direct. It has blue eyes, irregular pupils and a cubical body resembling more like a loaf of bread compared to the Breadbug. Unlike the regular Breadbug, this enemy doesn't seem to create nests on the ground. This creature is able to damage Olimar and kill Pikmin. It can be killed with a single hit.

Unnamed firefly bug[edit]

The firefly-like bug.

An enemy that looks like a firefly, with a blue body, yellow head, beady red eyes, translucent wings, and a large ball of light, or perhaps fuzz, on its bottom. From the bottom come purple bubbles at a steady interval, that kill Pikmin on contact.


Bosses in Hey! Pikmin are represented with cutscenes introducing them, and a health bar at the top left of the screen.

Red Bulborb[edit]

A cutscene with a Red Bulborb.

During the game reveal's Nintendo Direct, the Red Bulborb is shown to return via cutscene akin to boss battles in Pikmin 3, suggesting an important role. In accordance with the game's overall art style, the Red Bulborb appears much less detailed and more cartoony than in the main games. Its legs are more curved, its size is considerably larger and most notably, its face is much flatter with the eye stalks being placed much closer to the tip of the snout. During its respective battle, the Red Bulborb will slowly walk towards the player, constantly biting with its head lowered and jump out of the grass in the background. At certain points during the battle, the Red Bulborb will glance down. This is the player's opportunity to throw Pikmin at its eyes to make it reel back in pain and pass through its legs.

Fiery Blowhog[edit]

A battle with the Fiery Blowhog.

The Fiery Blowhog is also confirmed to make an appearance, but this time as a boss. Like the Red Bulborb, it appears much larger than it is usually shown as in other games. The Fiery Blowhog sits at the top of the stage and blows fire onto the Pikmin.

Unnamed eel boss[edit]

An eel-like enemy.

This boss is similar in design to the unnamed lamprey enemies previously seen. However, it seems to target the Pikmin rather than randomly shooting upwards. It is shown lunging towards Olimar and his group of Blue Pikmin in an attempt to eat them. Its body is purple with yellow spots on top. It has big lips, two escas and its head is covered in barbels. It has no visible eyes.

Interactive objects[edit]

  • Clovers: these clovers are seen rustling, and when Olimar whistles in range of them, Pikmin are released from behind.
  • Bridge fragments: bridge fragments return in this game, and can be carried by Pikmin in order for them to form a bridge. Sometimes, the Pikmin must pull on a fragment for a bit before it's wedged free.[8]
  • Fire: fire can be stomped out by Red Pikmin to allow safe passage.
  • Water: Olimar and Blue Pikmin are able to freely swim in bodies of water in any direction.
  • Pressure blocks: these blocks can be weighed down by Pikmin in order to allow passage. The number of Pikmin required to push it down is shown as circles below the top of the block, which fill in for each Pikmin the player places on it.
  • Loose wire: loose wire can be connected together with a line of Yellow Pikmin. This allows nearby flowers to bloom and the area to be lit up. It is unknown yet how this benefits the player.
  • Pushable rock object: this object can be pushed by Pikmin in order to use it as a platform or free a passage. It is unknown how many Pikmin are required to push it, but the more Pikmin the player has pushing it, the faster it is moved.
  • Vine: vines can be climbed by Olimar to reach higher or possibly lower ground.
  • Doorway: there is a door that Olimar can enter. It is assumed that this either brings Olimar to a new room, or brings him out another doorway in the same room.
  • Hearts: small heart-like objects that can be picked up by the Pikmin. They have stems, so they are somehow related to plants. Olimar can collect these, but their purpose is unknown – they likely regenerate health. They can sometimes be found floating in the air.
  • Sparklium seed: an item which seems to be a golden seed like-object that can be collected by Olimar. Pikmin can also pick up these seeds and bring them to Olimar. A total number of the seeds collected is shown at the top of the screen. Seeds that are not collected after some seconds begin flashing, and some more time afterwards, they disappear. They can also be found floating in the air sometimes.
  • Golden flower: this large golden flower can be hit by Pikmin to release multiple Sparklium seeds. Once hit it begins to wither away until it vanishes.
  • Big Sparklium seed: these larger seeds can be broken to release multiple smaller seeds, and red seeds.
  • Red Sparklium seed: this seed is slightly larger than the golden seed, bears a shiny red color, and is worth 5 Sparklium.
  • Rainbow Sparklium seed: a large rainbow-colored Sparklium seed worth 50 Sparklium. They replace already collected treasures.
  • Sand blocks: blocks of sand can be crumbled simply by having a single Pikmin thrown at them.
  • Trowel: a gardening trowel with its blade buried in the ground. Throwing several Pikmin at it will make it topple forward, creating a path. A yellow progress bar similar to an enemy's health appears on top of it to indicate topple progress.


Possible Bloominous Stemple redesign[edit]

A plant that acts similar to the Bloominous Stemple.

A plant shown in the April 2017 Nintendo direct acts similar to the Bloominous Stemple, blooming when there's light nearby.



Captain Olimar can be moved about using 3DS Stick.png, 3DS C.png, or 3DS A.png/3DS B.png/3DS X.png/3DS Y.png.[8] Pikmin are thrown by tapping at the bottom screen – the Pikmin is thrown in the direction of the tap, and the farther the tap is from Olimar, the farther the Pikmin is thrown. The whistle and the jetpack are activated by tapping on-screen buttons present on the bottom of the touch screen.

3DS L.png or 3DS R.png can be used to toggle the radar. The game reminds the player of this on the top screen if Olimar stands still for a few seconds.

amiibo support[edit]

The Pikmin amiibo.

The Pikmin amiibo, that launches with the game, will be compatible with Hey! Pikmin. Scanning it will give the player more Pikmin, but the details for this mechanic are not known.



The game was first revealed in a Nintendo Direct on September 1st, 2016, where it was given the working name Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS. The video showed some gameplay footage and information.

More information about the game was shown on the April 12th, 2017 Nintendo Direct, where its name was confirmed to be Hey! Pikmin, and where it was given its July 28th, 2017 release date.

On May 5th, 2017, a few different gaming news representatives managed to play Hey! Pikmin in a hands-on event. This version of the game features 3 levels: a basic one focusing on the Red Pikmin, a cave level focusing on the Yellow Pikmin and their throw height, and a mostly underwater level focusing on the Blue Pikmin and multidirectional movement.





  • This is the first Pikmin game in which Olimar is able to swim freely in water, as well as climb up vines.
  • The estimated release day for Japan is the same day as the Japanese release of Pikmin 3.

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