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Hello, Kirby Bulborb, and welcome to Pikipedia! If you need ideas on how to help, please see the helping out page. For a beginner's guide on how to edit pages, check out the quick start guide. Finally, if you need to talk to one of us, there's our Discord server. Thanks for joining, and we hope you enjoy your stay! — {EspyoT} 13:23, October 27, 2021 (EDT)

I have to ask: have you been editing the Pikmin wiki at recently? — {EspyoT} 13:23, October 27, 2021 (EDT)

Yes I have, but decided to come here since this is the more active wiki about Pikmin. Don't worry, I will only make constructive edits here. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 15:56, October 27, 2021 (EDT)
All right. Please remember that that wiki has been abandoned for years, and is meant to stay that way so that the community doesn't split again. Even something as simple as going to that old wiki helps it become more active, so please avoid even visiting it, much less editing it. — {EspyoT} 04:17, October 29, 2021 (EDT)
Ah I understand! Thank you for the clarification, I will edit this one instead. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 12:59, October 30, 2021 (EDT)

Recent edits[edit]

Your recent edits have consisted of you going back and forth in your user page over a minor detail. Pikipedia isn't a social media platform, where you're meant to update your feelings in real time. Plus, these changes clog up the recent changes feed. I'm going to have to ask you to stop doing that, and to stop editing the wiki at Like I explained, that wiki is to be left alone, and those edits are just as confusing on Pikipedia as they are there. — {EspyoT} 04:40, March 11, 2022 (EST)

I understand, I am sorry for those edits. It won't happen again. I also won't edit the fandom wiki again. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 21:48, April 1, 2022 (EDT)

Dandori Challenge stages[edit]

Dandori Challenge stages are still caves and their pages should be created using the cave article preload. Also, I don't recommend creating all of them in one go; let other people get a chance to create some and have some information documented in the first edit. — Soprano(talk) 05:31, July 27, 2023 (EDT)

Thank you for letting me know, I agree this would be the best thing to do. My apologies, I'll focus on expanding the existing cave articles instead. Will also use the cave article preload. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 05:33, July 27, 2023 (EDT)
Is it alright if I delete a few of them so they can be recreated with the cave article preload? Alternatively, the cave article preload template can be placed onto them with {{subst:Cave article preload}}. — Soprano(talk) 05:45, July 27, 2023 (EDT)
Yeah that's absolutely fine. I'd rather them be recreated with the cave article preload than the originals remaining as stub articles. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 09:08, July 27, 2023 (EDT)

Edit summaries[edit]

Hey, this is just a reminder to add edit summaries to your edits, and also to use the "Show preview" button to avoid doing repeated edits to an article. At the moment, when this wiki is getting a very large number of edits, there's a lot to check in the Recent Changes, and it's much easier to look through the list of edits when there are fewer of them and they have edit summaries. — Soprano(talk) 04:25, July 31, 2023 (EDT)

Thank you for letting me know, I understand your reasoning so I'll be sure to add edit summaries. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 04:29, July 31, 2023 (EDT)