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Red Pikmin following Adeleine
Kirby Bulborb
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
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I've been a massive fan of the Pikmin series since I was young, and have made a variety of videos related to the series. I love the Red Bulborb and other Bulborbs, and everything else about the series. Enjoying Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Pikmin 4, and Pikmin 1+2 so far!

About My Relations With The Pikmin Series

This is one of the first video game franchises that I'd played. My introduction to the series occurred when my mum brought a Nintendo GameCube and with it, two games which were the first Pikmin game and Super Mario Sunshine (we got Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Pikmin 2 a few years later). As it was fittingly the first game that introduced me to the series, it remains my personal favourite. I quickly became a fan of the series, and by 2008, had become a superfan, having completed both the first two Pikmin games. The following year was when I was indirectly introduced to fandom wikis via the Pikmin Wiki, I specifically remember viewing the Enemies and Plants navabox often and looking at Bulborb articles. I also watched Chuggaaconroy's Pikmin Let's Plays and became a fan of his content through them.

2009 was also the year I got Pikmin plushies (previously, I had coloured in toilet rolls to resemble Pikmin the best a then-8 year old could). I then became interested in the fanmade Pikmin content being made by fellow Pikmin fans, such as Pikmin plush shows. Anyone who is the least bit familiar with the plush side of the Pikmin community may recall the series Twig & Pik-pik, which was among the shows I was a fan of at that time, and got to become close friends with the show's creator and collaborate with him often on various Pikmin projects. I also appeared a few times on the show as myself, in the role of Kirby Bulborb. In 2013 I went by the username "Kirby3431255", but changed it to "Kirby Bulborb" in 2014. Also that year I created the character Cyber Captain Olimar, a Terminator-esque version of Olimar that became somewhat popular within the community. I also began making my own Pikmin content, starting with a plush series, and also began releasing content related the games themselves. While primarily a Pikmin content creator, I have also done videos related to other franchises, most notably Metal Gear ("The Best Of Senator Armstrong" has been my most viewed video pretty much since its release, and surpassed 1 million views in 2022). My most viewed Pikmin video is "Pikmin 2: All Leader Sounds", which contains the iconic comment "I like how the end makes it seem like the company president is suddenly about to be hit by a car." Production of my Pikmin content increased both after the announcement of Pikmin 4 in 2022 and since its release in 2023, my most viewed videos since then have been "Pikmin saying 'Pikmin'" (a video which pretty much speaks for itself) and "The Pikmin series but it's just Louie being a troublemaker", a compilation of Louie scenes occasionally accompanied by a Weezer song that describes him perfectly.

Returning to 2009, it was this year that began the "hype period" that proceeded the release of Pikmin 3. During this time dozens of fans made Pikmin 3 Idea videos on YouTube, and as a fan myself it was really fun to see the ideas that other people had come up with. I came up with a few myself, and unintentionally predicted the Baldy Long Legs in the process (though the rest of my ideas would go unused, unless the likes of "Rabbity Axe" ever becomes canon). When Pikmin 3's release finally came, I liked it after my first day of playing it, though still liked the first two games the best. Over the next two years I continued playing Pikmin 3, and eventually completed it in 2015. It was this year that the Pikmin community got the announcement that "Pikmin 4 was in development, and nearly in completion". I was excited, as were many fans at the time, but of course I didn't know exactly how long it would be nearly in completion for. Though the long wait finally paid off in 2022 when Pikmin 4 was finally revealed, and like the rest of the community, I was really excited. I watched every new trailer that followed until the game finally released in 2023, and knew I'd want an Oatchi plush when one came out (as expected one did come out, that I got as a 2023 Christmas present from my mum). Upon my first day of playing Pikmin 4, I realised that the long wait was worth it as Pikmin 4 is truly a great game, and one of the best in the series. It managed to single-handedly revive my close friend's interest in the Pikmin series, bring countless new Pikmin fans into the community, and finally give Pikmin the recognition it deserved. And all the returning enemies were really cool to see as a long-time fan, I even got excited at seeing Mitites again despite my younger self hating their scuttering sound in Pikmin 2, and of course it was cool to see the Waterwraith return.