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Zoo of the Future

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Zoo of the Future Logs icon.
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Weight 19
Maximum carriers 19 Pikmin
Location Frozen Hazard

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The Zoo of the Future is a treasure in Hey! Pikmin. It is actually a snow globe, with a wood carving of a deer inside. It is found in the Frozen Hazard area, which makes sense since the area is covered in snow. It is relatively simple, as the only other noteworthy details are some small mountains around the deer, and that it has green coloring around its base. It is about 5 times Captain Olimar's width and height, being a somewhat large treasure. Olimar mistakes it for a futuristic zoo, and that the deer is an animal stuck in that position.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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After the “snowball” cutscene, a Blubbug can be found on a small series of steps. Push the Blubbug all the way to the right to have it drop onto the platform below, then push it into the hole on the left. Bouncing on it will give access to a doorway. Going through the doorway reveals a small puzzle, comprised of a multi-tiered structure with a few Blubbugs inside. Jetpack onto a small hill, then jetpack into the first tier. Every tier has a Blubbug, and a small mound on the right, giving enough height to, if the jetpack is used there, bounce on top of the Blubbug. Once all tiers have been cleared, the treasure can be easily collected.


Hey! Pikmin logs

This device is the future of zoos. The animal inside has been put into suspended animation. Oh, observe the graceful creature, caught midprance! As for the zoo, I think that 20 Pikmin would fit in there comfortably.


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  • This is the heaviest treasure in Hey! Pikmin that can be carried.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Dierentuin van de toekomst Animal park of the future
Flag of France French Zoo avant-gardiste Forward-thinking zoo
Flag of Germany German Postmoderner Zoo Post-modern Zoo
Flag of Italy Italian Zoo da viaggio Zoo of travel
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Zoológico futurista Futuristic zoo
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Zoo minimalista Minimalistic zoo

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