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In Hey! Pikmin, areas are organized into groups called sectors. The Pikmin Park can also be accessed from the sector selection screen. Each sector has a proper name, but in some places, it is referred to with a number.

Brilliant Garden[edit]

Sector 1 on the world map.

Sector 1

The Brilliant Garden is the first sector of Hey! Pikmin. It introduces Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin, and has 16 treasures in total. It is themed around a grassy field, with various red and yellow flowers throughout the sector. Large tulips and other flowers decorate the levels, as well as a few sakura and a large teapot. There is also a Sparklium Spring, appearing as a pool of water in the forest surrounding the sector.

Verdant Waterfront[edit]

Sector 2 on the world map.

Sector 2

The Verdant Waterfront is the second sector in Hey! Pikmin. This sector introduces Blue Pikmin to the game, and has 15 treasures. It is themed around a river delta, with numerous pools of water as well as a waterfall. Waterfront plants, such as alliums, as well as a few other flowers, grow in small clusters. A Sparklium Spring is hidden in a small pool behind the waterfall.

Sparkling Labyrinth[edit]

Sector 3 on the world map.

Sector 3

The Sparkling Labyrinth is the third sector in Hey! Pikmin. It features the introduction of Rock Pikmin and their crystal-shattering abilities. It has 13 treasures in total. The sector is themed around an overgrown crag. Morning glories and sunflowers grow in a few patches, and the sector is teeming with light-blue crystals. The Sparklium Spring is hidden behind some sunflowers.

Ravaged Rustworks[edit]

Sector 4 on the world map.

Sector 4

The Ravaged Rustworks is the fourth sector in Hey! Pikmin, with a total of 16 treasures. It is themed around a construction site. The sector has an autumn feel to it, with yellow trees and light green brush growing along the sidewalks around the main construction site. Piles of dirt, pylons, large tires, as well as a construction excavator decorate the area. A lone river flows in a canal through the site.

Leafswirl Lagoon[edit]

Sector 5 on the world map.

Sector 5

The Leafswirl Lagoon is the fifth sector in Hey! Pikmin. It introduces the final Pikmin type, Winged Pikmin, and has a total of 15 treasures. It is themed around an autumn forest overgrowing a cliff side. Various red and orange trees decorate the area, as will as a few tree stumps and a lone river.

Sweltering Parchlands[edit]

Sector 6 on the world map.

Sector 6

The Sweltering Parchlands is the sixth sector in Hey! Pikmin. This sector has 16 treasures in total, and is themed in a smoldering chaparral. Various dried and dead brush decorate the sector, as well as a few wildfires.

Snowfall Field[edit]

Sector 7 on the world map.

Sector 7

The Snowfall Field is the seventh sector in Hey! Pikmin, with 15 treasures. It is themed after a snowy forest with a large cliff. A few frozen lakes, some light posts, as well as a frozen pipe system also decorate the sector.

Lushlife Murk[edit]

Sector 8 on the world map.

Sector 8

The Lushlife Murk is the eighth area of Hey! Pikmin, and only has 13 treasures. It is themed around an infested valley. Spiderwebs decorate the scenery, and swarms of fireflies fill the air. Toxic water is seen pouring into a river.

The Final Stretch[edit]

Sector 9 on the world map.

Sector 9

The Final stretch is the ninth and final sector of Hey! Pikmin. It has no overworld map and when selecting the sector it takes the player directly to 9-A, Fragment of Hope.

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Gebied Region
French Secteur Sector
German Gebiet Region
Italian Settore Sector
Spanish Sector Sector


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Level Level
French Zone Zone
German Level Level
Italian Zona Zone
Spanish Zona Zone
# English Dutch French German Italian Spanish (NoA) Spanish (NoE) Japanese
1 Brilliant Garden Schitterende tuin Jardin joyeux Bunte Beete Giardino lussureggiante Jardín reluciente Jardín Fulgurante
2 Verdant Waterfront Groene oever Estuaire luxuriant Gewässer im Grünen Riva rigogliosa Pantanal lozano Pantanal Lozano みどりの みずべ
3 Sparkling Labyrinth Sprankelspelonken Dédale de cristal Glitzernde Grotten Dedalo luminoso Llano reluciente Llano Reluciente かがやく めいきゅう
4 Ravaged Rustworks Roestige ruïnes Ruines de rouille Rostige Ruinen Distese rugginose Ruinas herrumbrosas Ruinas Herrumbrosas さびついた くうき
5 Leafswirl Lagoon Herfstige hoogtes Valée vermillon Herbstliche Höhlen Laguna autunnale Laguna otoñal Cañón de la Hojarasca かぜかおる もみじ
6 Sweltering Parchlands Verzengende velden Terres incendiaires Brennendes Brauchland Terre torride Valle de la ceniza Valle de la Ceniza もえる かれち
7 Snowfall Field Sneeuwsteppe Immensité immaculée Weiße Wiesen Prateria polare Estepa nevada Estepa Nevada だいせつげん
8 Lushlife Murk Giftig grasland Tropiques toxiques Giftige Gärten Orto tenebroso Espesura sombría Espesura Sombría げんせいの かおり
9 The Final Stretch Het laatste land Escale finale Das letzte Land Belvedere conclusivo Tierras postreras Tierras Postreras

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