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The following types of gates are primarily made of metal:

  • Numbered gate: gates that lower once a certain number of tasks have been done
  • Switch gate: gates that can lower and raise when switches are pressed
  • Iron fence: gates made of a row of iron bars that only narrow objects can fit between

The following types of gates include metal in their design:

  • Electric gate: in Pikmin 2, these gates are metal coiled bars carrying an electrical current. In Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4, these gates are florescent lamps supported by a metal frame.
  • Ice wall: gates made of a coiling tube covered in ice supported by a metal frame.
  • Crystal wall: gates made of a flat sheet of crystal held in place by two large metal clamps.
  • Reinforced wall: gates made of concrete with rebar sticking out from either side.

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