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Numbered gate

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A numbered gate as seen in the Secluded Courtyard.
A numbered gate in the Secluded Courtyard.

Numbered gates are gates in Pikmin 4 that open once a certain number of nearby objectives have been cleared. Typically they require the player to defeat a given number of enemies, but some in the Trial of the Sage Leaf count the number of treasures collected instead. Their purpose is to make sure the player can't proceed until they've bested a challenge, so they are typically encountered in boss battles.

They are made of metal and have a dot-matrix display on the side for showing a 2-digit number. This number starts by showing how many are required and will count down by 1 when an enemy is defeated or treasure is collected in the region before them. This will also play a "ding" sound. Once the number reaches 0, the gate will move down into the ground, allowing the player to pass.



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