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Pieces of clothing and other apparel that are themed around Pikmin.

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Pikmin 4[edit]

Pikmin logo shirt[edit]

A new shirt depicting the Pikmin "P" logo was released alongside the reveal of Pikmin 4. Shigeru Miyamoto wore this shirt during the game's reveal in the September 13th, 2022 Nintendo Direct.

Pikmin hoodies[edit]

Hoodies of the three main Pikmin types were released in Japan as a part of the Pikmin 4 reveal.


Pikmin silhouette shirt[edit]

The American store Hot Topic, released a shirt featuring a silhouette of the Japanese Pikmin logo, a Red and Blue Pikmin, and some grass. The shirt is white, with the silhouette being red. The American Pikmin logo can be seen on the stamp inside the shirt.

Pikmin crosswalk shirt[edit]

Nintendo sold a Pikmin shirt exclusive to the Nintendo World Store. The shirt features a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin walking across a street crosswalk in New York City.

UTGP 2017 Pikmin shirt[edit]

A t-shirt company called Uniqlo teamed up with Nintendo to create a T-shirt design competition called UTGP 2017. One of the 25 winning designs was a Pikmin design. The shirt features original art of a pastel-like jungle with a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin in the front, and in the back a Winged, Rock, Purple, and White Pikmin. The shirt was available in women's sizes only.

Pikmin plush cap[edit]

Taito released 3 Pikmin hats, one for Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin. They are sold exclusively in Japan. These hats were seen in america when they were worn by the Nintendo staff of E3 2013.


Nintendo Power beanie[edit]

With the release of The Official Nintendo's Player's Guide for Pikmin, there was an advert for the Nintendo Power magazine, featuring a promotional Pikmin beanie. Customers could purchase a subscription to Nintendo Power and specifically ask for the beanie with their subscription in order to obtain it without any extra fee. The beanie is black and featured the Blue Pikmin, Red Pikmin, and Yellow Pikmin.

Nintendo Power t-shirt[edit]

With a very similar promotion to the Nintendo Power beanie, an advert also existed within the Pikmin 2 strategy guide, this time for a Pikmin themed T-shirt. The T-shirt is black with white print, featuring Olimar, Louie, and multiple Pikmin walking in a straight line.

Obey the Captain shirt[edit]

Those who pre-ordered Pikmin 2 from the store Circut City received a Captain Olimar themed T-shirt as a pre-order bonus. The shirt is orange and features an image of Captain Olimar's head with the text "Obey the Captain" as well as a Pikmin 2 logo at the bottom right of the text. This shirt was seen being worn by Bill Trinen during E3 2012, when advertising Pikmin 3 features.

SDCC Pikmin 3 shirt[edit]

During the San Diego Comic Con, a Pikmin 3-themed T-shirt was sold at the convention.

Hey! Pikmin tote bag[edit]

UPC: 45496544362 Dimensions: 35×40 cm

In 2017, a Hey! Pikmin fabric tote bag was available in Europe. The image on the bag is the game's European box-art.

E3 2013 lanyard[edit]

A lanyard was given out for free by Nintendo at various locations such as E3 2013, and the Pikmin 3 GameStop Hands-On event, and featured many Nintendo characters including a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin.

Club Nintendo[edit]

Main article: Merchandise/Club Nintendo.

Pikmin tote[edit]

A Pikmin tote bag was available the day Pikmin 3 was released. It is 15×13 inches in size, with a 24 inch handle. The bag costs 400 coins/2200 stars, and features a phrase that reads: "Pikmin tote, attack, multiply, become snacks."

Pikmin shirt[edit]

A Pikmin themed shirt was released through Club Nintendo. It features a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin and was released exclusively to Japan. Underneath the Pikmin was text that read "Pikmin fall when alone, but as one, they fear none."