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This is a list of strategy guides licensed by Nintendo that involve Pikmin in some way.

Prima Games[edit]

Prima Games is the largest strategy guide publisher in the United States. They have made a number of Pikmin-related guides, with in-depth walkthroughs. On top of that, they also commonly include extra information about subjects in the series that isn't given anywhere else, like the scientific names of enemies in Pikmin. Since it is impossible to know if this extra information is endorsed by Nintendo, or made up by Prima Games writers in order to richen the guide, it is left as ambiguously canon. Some incorrect and dubious information also contributes to it being ambiguously canon, as explained here.


North America[edit]

Game Name Description
Pikmin The Official Nintendo Player's Guide Part of the Guide series released by Nintendo Power.
Pikmin Prima's Official Strategy Guide A guide released by Prima. It was released as a stand alone, as well as in a bundle titled "4 guides for the price of 1", which also contained guides for Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Wave Race: Blue Storm.
Pikmin 2 The Official Nintendo Player's Guide Part of the Guide series released by Nintendo Power.
Pikmin 3 Prima Official Game Guide A guide released by Prima. This guide was also released digitally.
New Play Control! Pikmin Prima Official Game Guide A guide released by Prima.


Game Name Description
Pikmin Pikmin Complete Cheats Guide, Olimar's Planetary observation diary by Famitsu (ピクミン完全攻略ガイドオリマーの惑星観察記?) This guide is released by Famitsu, a very popular gaming site in Japan. It includes a tear-out poster including all the maps in the first game.
Pikmin Pikmin 100% in 30 days (ピクミン100ぴきとすごす30?) This guidebook is released by Nintendo Dream, who are known for their Japanese Nintendo Magazine. This guide actually comes with 3 books in a slip case. The first book (red) includes information on obstacles and enemies. The second book (yellow) is really just a holder for a large 4x4 page poster including all the maps of the first game. The third book (blue) shows how to collect every treasure, and features challenge mode strategies.
Pikmin 2 Pikmin 2 Nintendo Official Guide Book (ピクミン2 任天堂公式ガイドブック?) This is the Official Nintendo guidebook released in Japan. It also includes a small sticker sheet.
Pikmin 2 Pikmin 2 Treasure Recovery Guide by Nekosogi (ピクミン2 ねこそぎお宝回収ガイド?) This is a Pikmin 2 guide released by Nekosogi. Buying this guide was the only way to obtain the Violet Candypop Bud Pikmin e+ card.
Pikmin 2 Pikmin 2 Complete Navibook (ピクミン2 コンプリートナビブック?) This guide was released by Dengeki Nintendo, a company known for releasing Nintendo magazines in Japan.
Pikmin 3 Nintendo Official Guidebook Pikmin 3 (任天堂公式ガイドブックピクミン3?) This guide is officially released by Nintendo. It was released on August 3rd, 2013.
Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3 The Complete Guide (ピクミン3 ザ・コンプリートガイド?) This guide was released by Dengeki Nintendo on July 7th, 2013.
New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Wii New Play Control Enjoyment Guide (Wiiであそぶセレクション楽しむガイド?) This book included guides for many of the New Play Control! games in Japan, including Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Mario Power Tennis, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and Metroid Prime. It also shared some information on the new features of Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure! and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It was released on March 31st, 2009 by Nintendo Dream.

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