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Nintendo Cinematic Universe logo.

Nintendo Cinematic Universe (NCU) is the name of a recently unveiled franchise where the universes of several Nintendo series are shared, and as the name would imply, is about cinema movies. News about the subject are sparse, but several movies have already been confirmed and their plots shared by Nintendo.

List of movies

Poster for Pik-Min.

The following films have been confirmed, where Pik-Min is the movie about the Pikmin series:

  • AranMetroid.
  • Captain Falcon: The First-Place PhenomF-Zero.
  • Kirby of the StarsKirby.
  • Kong CountryDonkey Kong.
  • MarioMario. Mario falls out of favor with Princess Peach and is banished to live a normal life on Earth. Luigi's jealousy has him try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and end his brother.
  • Pik-MinPikmin. Louie, with the help of Captain Olimar, must destroy Hocotate Freight's plans with the help of the Pikmin.
  • StarfoxStar Fox.
  • The SmashersSuper Smash Bros. Mario receives a strange threat letter, and gathers the best minds of the Nintendo multiverse to create a defense force.
  • The Yoshi MobYoshi.
  • Triforce of CourageThe Legend of Zelda.
  • War on GiygasEarthBound.
  • An unnamed entry pertaining to the Pokémon series


S.M.A.S.H. (or "SMASH Bros.") is a recurring concept in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. It stands for "Super Multiversal Anti-Scelerat Hyper-Brotherhood Project", and is an organization of heroes from across different Nintendo franchises. They work together to protect their universe's respective residents from villainous threats. They also work on side-projects far from view of everyone else. Captain Olimar became a member of S.M.A.S.H. some time after his adventure in Pikmin 3, but quit during the events of Pik-Min.

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