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Pik-Min poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Rating PG
Director Shigeru Miyamoto
Genre Action
Running time 117 minutes
Screening date
Worldwide April 5th, 2016

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Pik-Min is the name of an upcoming live action/animated Pikmin movie to be released in April 5th, 2016, and is the twelfth film of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. At the moment, only its plot and characters are known, and only its poster has been revealed. It was directed and written by Shigeru Miyamoto. In the movie, Louie must stop Hocotate Freight's greedy ploy of using PNF-404's treasures to become rich and control the planet of Hocotate. The story follows a generally darker tone compared to the rest of the Pikmin series, and is arguably canon, since it deviates noticeably from the canon series and also ties in with other Nintendo series like Super Smash Bros., in addition to the bizarrely stylized name of the movie.

Known information


Some time in the year 20XX, Captain Olimar, the original discoverer of PNF-404, heads to S.M.A.S.H. and quits, after discovering that the organization was trying to take advantage of PNF-404's massive features. Olimar believes that the planet's giant animals and treasures are not something to be toyed with, and the planet is in fact quite dangerous, and promises to keep his research about the planet and the Pikmin a secret forever.

In the present day, The President and Olimar's daughter, who now works at Hocotate Freight, fire Olimar from the company. The President also aims to install a base on PNF-404 and collect more items and money from the planet, a discovery that horrifies Olimar. Meanwhile on PNF-404, former thief Louie is stranded there. Olimar heads to the planet, and there, he encounters Louie. Curious about the latter's thieving skills, Olimar sets up some tests using fruit and concludes that Louie is still as good a thief as always. The two agree to infiltrate Hocotate Freight's storage facility on PNF-404, and destroy the alien item almanac. After learning of the President's intentions, Olimar's daughter pairs up with the Captain to teach Louie about how to control the Pikmin.

The relationship between Olimar and his daughter is bleak, since the latter resents the father's recklessness for allowing her mother's disappearance, but Olimar reveals that in reality, some letters make it clear that his wife became lost inside a cave – which are known to have hyper-dimensional properties – in a solo expedition on PNF-404 while trying to obtain treasures to help pay the children's college tuitions. Olimar warns Louie that throughout the adventure, he risks becoming lost as well in the massive areas of the planet, and especially the caves. To help with the operation, Louie is sent to steal a device from the Super Smash Bros. headquarters: a signal de-jammer created by Olimar in his S.M.A.S.H. days by reverse-engineering Antenna Beetle behavior. In the process, Louie ends up briefly fighting against Douglas Jay Falcon.

At the day of the unveil of Hocotate Freight's plan, Louie barges in with an army of Pikmin and plants bomb rocks around the facility. Olimar, his daughter, and Louie are all found by the President and captured. Although he calls in some loan agents from the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks organization, Louie and Olimar's daughter manage to fend them off. Everybody leaves the building, and Louie chases after the President as the bomb rocks go off, imploding the facility. Olimar and daughter manage to escape by riding on top of a large beetle found nearby.

After Louie catches up with the President, the two have a showdown, using Pikmin to attack one another. At one point in the fight, Louie dives inside a cave, taking the President with him, in hopes of getting the latter lost inside the maze-like sublevels without any Pikmin. After this, the whereabouts of the President become unknown, but Louie manages to work his way out of the cave by himself. After learning that Louie managed to successfully escape a cave without using any Pikmin, Olimar wonders if there is a possibility that his wife could've made it out as well.

Although the movie ends there, a mid-credits scene reveals that Olimar's daughter takes up exploration on PNF-404 and joins her father's research on the Pikmin.


  • Captain Olimar: Olimar was the first Hocotatian to set foot on PNF-404 and tame the Pikmin. Some time after the events of Pikmin 3, he briefly joined an organization with other members of the Super Smash Bros. series called S.M.A.S.H..
  • Louie: the main participant in the plan to destroy Hocotate Freight's evil wishes. He has had a history of stealing in the canon games, something that plays a big role in this movie.
  • The President: owner of Hocotate Freight. The President's personality was made more extreme in this movie and focused on corporate greed, to the point of planning to get rich in order to control the planet.
  • Olimar's daughter: now a young adult, Olimar's daughter works at Hocotate Freight along her father, before he got fired.
  • Olimar's wife: between Pikmin 3 and the film's events, Olimar's wife goes to PNF-404 alone in hopes of collecting money to pay for her children's college tuitions.

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