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When a new Pikmin game is revealed, and trailers, screenshots, and gameplay features become public, everybody will want to contribute info to the wiki. To make sure everything works smoothly, and avoid massive disorganization problems like those that happened in the past, all editors are encouraged to follow this guide.

Staff members will also want to update templates, create redirects, etc. For that, there's the backoffice guide.

Additionally, if you are new to wiki editing and want to contribute, don’t forget to read the quick start guide.

Quick policies[edit]

  • Only confirmed information should be documented – no speculation or leaks.
  • New articles can be created for topics in the game only if those topics are present in the demo version. If they're not in the demo, all information about them needs to go in the game's article. (This means no articles about new enemies, areas, etc., unless they're in the demo.)
  • If something from a previous game is returning, the article about that topic may be edited to reflect this, but only if it is absolutely certain that this feature is in the new game, and if the {{futuregame}} template gets added to the section.
  • When naming something you don't know, go for a descriptive name like "Unknown red bird enemy", rather than a speculative name like "Winged Red Bulborb" or a cryptic name like "Unknown enemy 1".

For the full set of policies regarding new games, see Pikipedia:New game policy.

When a big event happens[edit]

Go to the game's page and:

  1. Dump anything you find of interest that is revealed about how the game works.
  2. In the "Videos" section, add a link to any new trailers.
  3. In the "External links" section, add a link to any new official websites or social media accounts.
  4. In the "History" section, point down this event and an overview of what it revealed.

When an image is released[edit]

If it is noteworthy, upload it to the wiki.

  1. Make sure the image doesn't already exist! Check the relevant articles first.
  2. Write a simple description, and in the description or source field, you must state where the image comes from. This includes both its location (website) and when it was released (i.e. a Nintendo Direct, website update, etc.); ideally, the date of the event should also be written.

When a Pikmin type, enemy, or character is revealed[edit]

  1. If it's something that was in a previous game...
    1. Edit the game article's list of Pikmin/enemies/characters and add the new entry, including what's known about it.
    2. Go to the subject's article, and add an "In <game name>" section as one of the top-level sections.
    3. Start the section with {{futuregame}}.
    4. If there's substantial information about the subject, point the reader to that information in the game article, using {{see}} or {{main}}. Otherwise just write that info is known, or simply that the subject is known to return.
  2. If it's something new:
    1. Add a sub-section about it on the Pikmin/enemies/characters section of the game's article. If its name is unknown, use a descriptive title, with the word "Unknown" in it (e.g. Unknown fiery beetle, Unknown flying purple monster).
    2. In this section, write all known info.
  3. Cite your sources.


  • Check Nintendo of Japan's websites and videos as well, as they sometimes have different information or footage.