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When a new game is coming, staff members will need to update pages and templates to accommodate the new game. This guide will help make sure everything is done on time and nothing is missed.


When the game is revealed

  1. Post news about it

When it's time to create the article

  1. Create the article
  2. Create the shorthand template that links to the article (e.g. {{p3}})
  3. Create the category for the game
  4. Create redirect articles with similar names and shorthands (e.g. [[p3]], so people can find it
  5. Update the following articles
  6. Update the following templates
  7. Update the PikipediaUpload script
  8. Update Pikan

When a big event happens

  1. Edit the warning at the top of each page to say something like "We're currently taking in new <game> info. If you want to help, please follow this guide. Thanks!"
  2. Update file-related pages
  3. Post news about it

When the game's console is revealed

  1. If it's a new console
  2. If it's an existing console, update the console's article to include the new game

When the game is a month or so from release

  1. Update the following templates

Post release

Release day

On a Japanese-only release day

  1. Update MediaWiki:Sitenotice to mention the release, and how info shouldn't be added until the overseas releases

On the overseas release day

  1. Update MediaWiki:Sitenotice to mention the release
  2. In the PikipediaUpload script remove the auto-categorization of prerelease images
  3. Ask big NIWA wikis to put up banners asking people to help Pikipedia, if feasible
  4. Somewhere, point down reminders of the release dates, so that anniversary statuses can be published on social media

In the following days

  1. Go to https://www.pikminwiki.com/index.php?title=Special%3AAllPages&from=&to=&namespace=0&hideredirects=1, enter all articles that apply to the new game, and
    • Add {{game help|<new game's id>}}
    • Add the new game's icon on that page's {{game icons}}
  2. If a mechanic that used to only be present in one game is now in the new game, change any mention of it on the wiki to point specifically to the old game. Example: "X is a stage in Mission Mode" should become "X is a stage in Pikmin 3's Mission Mode"
  3. Search on the wiki for "all games", "three games", "all Pikmin", and "three Pikmin", as it could be referring to outdated info that applied to Pikmin 1 - 3
  4. Update the following templates

In the following weeks

  1. Create icons for new enemies, obstacles, collectibles
  2. Create map navbox templates
  3. Create an infobox and navbox for challenge/mission mode levels in the game
  4. If caves return, change {{tem|caves}} into {{p2 caves}}, and create {{<game> caves}}
  5. Create a navbox for the collectibles
  6. Update Canon