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In the Pikmin games, some cutscenes play at certain times. While these cutscenes are playing, the player usually has no control over the game, other than to advance the text, or to skip the cutscene. There are several different types of cutscenes, and they can be either played out by the entities in the game world in real time, or pre-rendered like a movie.



In the opening cutscene, Captain Olimar is shown flying in the S.S. Dolphin. The camera changes to show a meteor that shortly after crashes against the ship. It comes flaming down towards the Pikmin Planet, losing bits as it falls. The game then begins at The Impact Site, with Olimar lying down, unconscious. After waking up and looking around, he realizes his ship is wrecked.

This is what Olimar says after the crash.

The player can now take control of Olimar and begin the first day.

Bad ending[edit]

If the player has 24 or fewer of the required ship parts by the end of the 30th day, Olimar will attempt to leave the planet in a haste, but the engine explodes and the ship crashes back to the ground. After the game's statistics are shown, the Pikmin are seen carrying Olimar's unconscious body to the Red Onion, and Olimar pops out as a Pikmin hybrid, dubbed "Pikmar" by fans.

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Neutral ending[edit]

If the 30th day ends, and Olimar has enough ship parts, he'll try to take off. Olimar quickly runs towards the ship, turns back to take a last look at the Pikmin, and then takes off in a hurry. A Blue, Yellow, and Red Pikmin, all in the leaf stage, will stay and watch Olimar fly away, a bit confused as to why their leader left so quickly. The screen shows Olimar sailing peacefully, albeit bothered that he had to leave so abruptly.

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Good ending[edit]

If the player manages to retrieve every ship part before the 30th day, Olimar can go back home fully prepared. When the Secret Safe is retrieved, a small cutscene shows the ship fixing itself for the final time, complete with several shots of the Dolphin's complicated setup. Olimar takes a closer look and jumps in glee.

Night falls, and Olimar must leave. Before going in, he turns back at the Pikmin, who are all in a straight line looking at him. They then turn their heads to the left in order, forming a little wave. Olimar waves goodbye in the hope that they'll understand. The Pikmin then turn their heads right in order, forming another small wave. With a sigh, Olimar just shakes his head and proceeds to take off. Shortly after, a Red Bulborb appears, and the line of Pikmin, now knowing what to do, thanks to Olimar, are quick to fight it off. The S.S. Dolphin is shown flying in space, and several Onions, even some with previously unseen types, are seen following it.

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The background consists of a shot of the Pikmin Planet, half covered in shade. The credits then roll from bottom to top. Occasionally, images of Olimar's adventure on the planet will appear behind the text, and sometimes comets shoot by. If the player collects all 30 ship parts, the Enemy Reel will play after this. The credits are a pre-rendered cinematic.

Enemy reel[edit]

If the player gets the good ending, a montage of the creatures in the game will play. This montage consists of pre-rendered footage.

Pikmin 2[edit]

In Pikmin 2, the major cutscenes can be re-seen in the Bonuses option on the main menu. These are all in the form of pre-rendered video sequences.


This cutscene plays if the player is idle on the title screen for long enough.

"Hocotate Freight is a long-haul, deep-space shipping company.
One day, its only employee of any merit, Captain Olimar...
...crashed on an uncharted planet while on an interstellar vacation.
There, he was aided by the indigenous creatures which he called Pikmin.
In the end, Captain Olimar escaped...
But in Olimar's absence, his employer, Hocotate Freight...
ran into financial difficulties..."

Olimar is then shown returning to Hocotate, after which he speaks to the President.

"Olimar! I'm so glad you're safe! Yes, very glad. Quite glad. But...
Sadly, I have an announcement that is not so glad:
Our company is going under. Yes. We're finished...
On his first mission, Louie here met a ravenous space bunny...
And his entire load of golden Pikpik brand carrots was eaten!
I took out an enormous loan to repay the debt from this loss!
I decided to sell off corporate assets to repay the loan...
But the only asset we had to sell was your ship, the S.S. Dolphin.
As for the rest of our loan...
We have no means to repay it!"

Horrified, Olimar drops a bottle cap he brought along.

"Olimar! What is that?
You brought that back as a souvenir for your kid?"

Louie's eyes pop out, bewildered. The ship then analyzes the bottle cap.

"Treasure! Treasure! Treasure! Money! Money! Money! Money!
Initiating valuation of recovered treasure. This artifact is worth...
100 Pokos!"

The President gladly exclaims:

"This thing's worth 100 Pokos?! That's more than a year's salary!
WHAT?!? There are MORE on that planet? They can repay our debt!
Louie! You dolt! Look alive! You must depart immediately!
...With Captain Olimar!"

The ship is shown taking off in great haste, as they head to the Pikmin Planet.

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Debt Repayment[edit]

Once the debt is payed, this cutscene plays. The ship talks to the two leaders about returning to Hocotate.

"Mission complete! You've earned 10,000 Pokos!
Now Hocotate Freight will be prosperous and debt free until the end of time! ...Probably.
Prepare to blast off! We return to Hocotate triumphantly!"

Olimar takes off, unhappy that he had to go in such a hurry. He looks behind him to the Pikmin planet. He then remembers about the Pikmin that helped him, imagining their faces on the planet's surface. He faces forward again to resume flying, until he looks back again, only to notice that Louie is not in his cockpit. It's too late to go back, as the ship is already warping. The camera then zooms back to show part of the planet.

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In this cutscene, the credits roll from bottom to top. In the background, several clips of Louie are seen, showing him lost and wandering around the landscape, sometimes getting into trouble. The environment has been recorded in real life, and Louie was superimposed on top of it.

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Goal Completion[edit]

This cutscene plays when the player continues the game after repaying the debt. It shows Olimar and the President discussing the fact that there are more treasures on the planet. The President starts talking to Olimar:

"Thanks to you, our company has been saved! Hurrah!
What?!? There's still more treasure? ...Good gravy!
If we collect it all, we'll be filthy rich!

The President points at where Louie should be, and the camera pans to show he's not there.

"...Where's Louie?
What?!? You lost him?
In that case...
I shall go!"

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Treasure Completion[edit]

This cutscene plays when all 201 treasures have been collected. It shows Olimar taking off, leaving the Pikmin, which are outside of their Onions. While the President chuckles with glee, Olimar starts getting a bit emotional, until he notices the planet's surface, bewildered. The Pikmin start glowing with colors of their respective types, and soon, the ground is covered with several lights. The camera shows the Pikmin dancing while watching their leader go. After a while, Olimar looks up, to notice that the three main Onions have followed him for one last ride. After a while, the Onions return, and Olimar rides back to his home, rather happy.

After that, a general shot of the Pikmin planet is shown, demonstrating quite a resemblance to Earth. Seven flowers pop up on the screen, and with letters that write "Pikmin 2". Finally, the game shows on the screen the message "The End".

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Louie's Dark Secret[edit]

Louie's Dark Secret is unlocked once the player gets a "pink flower" rating on every Challenge Mode level, obtained by completing the levels without deaths. It's only present in the Bonuses menu.

The short cutscene explains what really happened to the golden Pikpik carrot cargo.

"The President entrusted Louie with the golden Pikpik carrots.
But Louie couldn't suppress his powerful hunger...
And he ate every last one.
Then he falsified his report to the president...
...Which led to Hocotate Freight accruing an insurmountable debt..."

Video on YouTube

Minor cutscenes[edit]

  • If the player chooses to quit a cave from the pause menu, either in the main story mode or Challenge Mode, the Ship's research pod will beam the leader(s) up and take them to safety. In the main story mode, the Pikmin will not be visible, implying they were beamed prior to the cutscene, but in Challenge Mode, the Pikmin remain on the ground, showing that the leaders quit without them.
  • Whenever a cave or sublevel is entered, a cutscene shows the leader(s) and Pikmin jumping down.
  • If a cave is exited through a geyser, a cutscene plays showing the leader(s) and Pikmin jumping on it and being expelled. The camera remains pointed at the geyser for a few extra seconds, so that, if there are any Bulbmin in the player's party, the cutscene can have enough time to show that the creatures do not follow the party to the surface.
  • When a 2-Player Battle game ends, a cutscene highlighting the victory condition takes place.

Pikmin 3[edit]

Leaf texture.png

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This explains Koppai's expedition to find a planet with edible matter. The voice actor Julian Macfarlane narrates the cutscene.

Charlie's introduction[edit]

Yellow Pikmin.

Alph's introduction[edit]

Red Pikmin, a little more sophisticated than Charlie's.

Brittany's introduction[edit]

Alph gets a signal from Brittany, he finds a piece of fruit, and he destroys a gate.


A few tutorials play at key points in the game, which force the player to do certain actions in a semi-cinematic way.

  • On the first day, when Charlie is exploring, he is eventually surrounded by Yellow Pikmin. The game then teaches the player how to whistle, throw and dismiss, by having Charlie attempt those three things in order to shoo away the Pikmin.
  • When Alph finds the trapped Red Onion, a tutorial makes Alph throw the Pikmin at it.
  • Upon collecting the KopPad, Alph attempts to find the S.S. Drake's location, and to do so, the player must pan the radar.
  • When Alph finds Rock Pikmin, he quizzes about their attempts to crack open a crystal. The player can either stand and watch as they do so, or whistle them and throw them at it, which are the only two options.
  • When Alph and Brittany are reunited on the Garden of Hope, a tutorial takes place with Alph throwing Brittany and some Pikmin atop a ledge, and then Brittany throw the Pikmin up the second ledge. This tutorial teaches about throwing and switching leaders.

Minor cutscenes[edit]

  • A small cutscene plays when Charlie's section of the first day ends, which shows him being ambushed by the Vehemoth Phosbat.
  • At the end of the first day, there is a brief cutscene with Alph explaining how he should go in orbit for the night.
  • When landing on the Distant Tundra for the first time, a cutscene shows Alph and Brittany's separation.
  • Every boss has an introduction and defeat cutscene.
  • At the start of every Mission Mode stage, a brief cutscene shows the general layout of the stage.
  • Every time a data file is collected by the main leader, the action pauses, they spin in place in celebration, and open up the file on the KopPad.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

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US version
  • [The S.S. Dolphin 2, Olimar's ship, is seen flying through space.]
  • "A typical day for a space shipment pilot..."
  • "Hocotate Freight's own..."
  • "Captain Olimar!"
  • "Here we see him heading home to Planet Hocotate after finishing a delivery."
  • ""Engaging warp in 5.""
  • "3!"
  • "2!"
  • "1!"
  • [The ship zooms off.]
  • "Olimar couldn't wait to get home to spend time with his family."
  • "But fate had other plans for our intrepid captain."
  • "A terrible sight snapped him out of his daydream..."
  • "Something had gone wrong with the warp."
  • "Olimar dodged left and right to get to safety..."
  • [The ship, seen from a first-person perspective, impacts against two asteroids.]
  • "But his engines took a hit and he lost control."
  • [The ship plummets towards, presumably, PNF-404, as a second object detaches from it.]
  • ""Brace for a crash landing!""
  • [Scene changes to some Pikmin frolicking around the master Onion.]
  • [The S.S. Dolphin 2 comes crashing down like a comet, terrorizing the Pikmin.]
  • [The ship crashes against the ground, knocking some Pikmin into the air.]
European version
  • [The S.S. Dolphin 2 is seen flying through space.]
  • "Hocotate Freight Intergalactic Courier Vessel"
  • "S.S. Dolphin II"
  • "Veteran Pilot, Captain Olimar"
  • "After a hard day's work, Olimar heads towards home."
  • ""Engaging warp in 5.""
  • ""3!""
  • ""2!""
  • ""1!""
  • [The ship zooms off.]
  • ""Finally! A day off to spend time with the kids.""
  • "No sooner has Olimar sighed these words..."
  • "...than he comes out of warp to a terrifying sight."
  • "This isn't Hocotate! Something has gone wrong."
  • "Olimar scrambles to avoid the asteroids...but to no avail."
  • [The ship, seen from a first-person perspective, impacts against two asteroids.]
  • "Controls unresponsive. Engine offline."
  • [The ship plummets towards "an alien planet", as a second object detaches from it.]
  • "His ship plunges towards the surface of an alien planet."
  • [Scene changes to some Pikmin frolicking around the master Onion.]
  • [The S.S. Dolphin 2 comes crashing down like a comet, terrorizing the Pikmin.]
  • [The ship crashes against the ground, knocking some Pikmin into the air.]


  • [Captain Olimar is inside the S.S. Dolphin II, the ship is talking to him]
  • "Great work, Captain Olimar!"
  • "The ship part is ours!"
  • "I feel bad for the creature we had to take it from..."
  • "But at least the part itself seems to be intact."
  • "Now there's nothing stopping us from going home to Hocotate."
  • "Let's get that part in place so we can take off!"
  • [Olimar nods and gets into his chair]
  • [Olimar looks at the Pikmin]
  • "Captain Olimar? It's time to head out."
  • [Olimar walks away and gets beamed up into the S.S. Dolphin II]
  • [The S.S. Dolphin II's pod attaches to the main rocket]
  • "At long last, we'll be home soon."
  • [The ship shoots up into the sky and the onion follows]
  • [The ship flies out of the atmosphere and the onion stays behind]
  • "Goodbye, Pikmin."
  • [The ship is flying through space]
  • "Engaging warp in 5."
  • "3!"
  • "2!"
  • "1!"
  • [The ship zooms off.]
  • [Credits roll]

  • [Captain Olimar is inside the S.S. Dolphin II, the ship is talking to him]
  • "Great work, Captain Olimar!"
  • "The ship part is ours!"
  • "I feel bad for the creature we had to take it from..."
  • "But at least the part itself seems to be intact."
  • "Now there's nothing stopping us from going home to Hocotate."
  • "Let's get that part in place so we can take off!"
  • [Olimar nods and gets into his chair]
  • [Olimar looks at the Pikmin]
  • "Captain Olimar? It's time to head out."
  • [Olimar walks away and gets beamed up into the S.S. Dolphin II]
  • [The S.S. Dolphin II's pod attaches to the main rocket]
  • "At long last, we'll be home soon."
  • [The ship shoots up into the sky and the onion follows]
  • [The ship flies out of the atmosphere and the onion stays behind]
  • "Good-bye, Pikmin."
  • [The ship is flying through space]
  • "Engaging warp in 5."
  • "3!"
  • "2!"
  • "1!"
  • [The ship zooms off.]
  • [Credits roll]

Common cutscenes[edit]

Attraction mode[edit]

For Pikmin and Pikmin 2, as well as the New Play Control! releases, if the player is idle on the title screen for long enough, the game will start showing a bit of gameplay, to show new players how the game works. Because of the different controls, these vary between game and between the GameCube originals and New Play Control! remakes. These pre-rendered cutscenes appear in the following order, and loop over to the first one after the last one plays.[1][2][3][4]

Pikmin 3 does not have any attraction mode cutscene, but the player can rewatch the prologue cutscene by staying about 4 minutes on the title screen. This cutscene can also be watched by starting a new game. If the player watches it by staying on the title screen, they will have to restart the game (once the cutscene finishes) to watch it again: waiting again will not trigger the cutscene a second time.

  1. This video demonstrates Pikmin being called out of an Onion, it shows the ability to dismiss the group, and how that should be used to choose the right Pikmin type to carry the appropriate pellets, shows Pikmin being plucked, and shows how they can take down gates together.
  2. The second one shows a Red Bulborb being attacked and its corpse being carried afterwards. Then, it demonstrates the fact that Red Pikmin cannot reach high ledges, but Yellow Pikmin can. Those Red Pikmin are shortly afterwards shown helping the Yellow Pikmin carry the pellet that was on the ledge. It then shows Pikmin carrying a pellet against a Breadbug's strength, it shows an Iridescent Flint Beetle being attacked, and a path covered with Sheargrubs, to which the player goes back the way they came.
  3. This video shows a bridge being built, and some Pikmin crossing it after it's done, it shows the Yellow Pikmin's ability to carry bomb-rocks, and it demonstrates the difference between throwing and touching them, and throwing and calling them. It also shows 2 bomb-rock-wielding Pikmin being thrown near an enemy, and one of them throwing its explosive to kill the Dwarf Bulborb, while the other goes back into the group. Afterwards, it shows a stone gate being taken down with bomb-rocks, a twig being built and climbed on, and ends with some Pikmin carrying a ship part to the S.S. Dolphin.
  4. The final video in the loop shows Pikmin being eaten by a Dwarf Bulborb, squashed by a Yellow Wollywog, squashed by an Armored Cannon Beetle rock, blown off the ground by a Puffy Blowhog, burned from a Fiery Blowhog, and it ends with some Pikmin drowning in a pool of water.
Pikmin 2
  1. A video demonstrating the hazards. Louie is shown accidentally drowning and setting ablaze some Pikmin, after which Olimar shows up and demonstrates that the whistle can be used to save them. Louie is then shown poisoning a Red Pikmin on accident, but shortly afterwards saving it with a whistle. Finally, Louie is shown walking into an electric gate and being electrocuted.
  2. The intro cinematic.
  3. This video shows the various abilities and how sprays work. It begins by showing Purple Pikmin's strength, White Pikmin's poisoning abilities, and their immunity, Red Pikmin's fire resistance, Blue Pikmin's ability to remain underwater and Yellow Pikmin's resistance to electricity. Afterwards, it shows the ultra-spicy spray being used to make enemy killing and task completion faster, and finally, it demonstrates an enemy being petrified with an ultra-bitter spray.
  4. This cutscene shows how Burgeoning Spiderworts work, how bridges are made, how paper bags can be walked on, it shows the entrance to caves, the interior and their treasures, and their exit geyser. Afterwards, it shows a couple of strong enemies and bosses.
  5. A video that shows the multiplayer aspect of the game. It begins by showing some clips of two players playing cooperatively in Challenge Mode, and then it shows two players battling against one another in 2-Player Battle, and the various game mechanics in that mode.
  6. The intro cutscene, once again.
  7. This video shows basic Pikmin actions: the ability to pluck them off the ground, their ability to carry objects, fight against enemies, be controlled with the GCN C.png, and destroy obstacles.
  8. The final video of the loop shows Pikmin being taken out of Onions and the ship, them being dismissed, the ability to choose a different Pikmin type from the group, while holding a Pikmin, and the cooperative aspect of the game's 2 controllable leaders.
New Play Control! Pikmin
  1. This video shows that Wiimote A.png plucks and throws Pikmin, shows Pikmin carrying pellets, and shows that Wiimote B.png can whistle Pikmin.
  2. This movie shows how Wiimote A.png can be used to open an Onion's menu, shows that Nunchuck C.png can be used to dismiss, shows that Wiimote B.png switches Pikmin type while holding a Pikmin with Wiimote A.png, and shows that Wiimote Dpad down.png can move the group.
  3. A video showing the Main Engine being carried and delivered, Yellow Pikmin collecting some bomb-rocks, two bomb-rock-carrying Pikmin being thrown at an enemy, but only one throwing its bomb, Yellow Pikmin blowing up a gate, but with one of them caught in an explosion, and Wiimote Dpad down.png being used to instruct Pikmin to take down a gate and a Red Bulborb.
  4. The final video shows Pikmin being eaten by a Dwarf Red Bulborb, swallowed a Red Bulborb, tossed by a Swooping Snitchbug, blown by a Puffy Blowhog, run over by an Armored Cannon Beetle's rock, crushed by a Wollywog and being set ablaze by nearby fire geyser. Finally, it shows Pikmin being thrown and defeating a Dwarf Red Bulborb, killing two Red Bulborbs, flipping over an Iridescent Flint Beetle and carrying its spoils, and knocking off nectar from a Honeywisp.
New Play Control! Pikmin 2
  1. The first cutscene shows the Onion menu being accessed with Wiimote A.png, some Pikmin being withdrawn, it shows that Nunchuck C.png can be used to dismiss the group, shows that Wiimote B.png can be used to switch Pikmin types while holding Wiimote A.png, shows Wiimote Dpad down.png being used to move the group and shows them being ordered in that fashion to attack and destroy a gate.
  2. This video shows the Sunseed Berry being collected, shows that leaders can be switched with Wiimote Minus.png, shows that Wiimote 2.png can be used to deploy an ultra-spicy spray, as well as some Pikmin attacking a Red Bulborb while powered up, and shows that Wiimote 1.png deploys an ultra-bitter spray, by using it on a Yellow Wollywog.
  3. The introduction cutscene.
  4. This cutscene shows a single Purple Pikmin carrying a red 10 pellet, shows two White Pikmin being eaten by a Red Bulborb, who then dies of poisoning, shows White Pikmin destroying a gas pipe, Red Pikmin destroying a fire geyser, Blue Pikmin walking underwater, and Yellow Pikmin tearing down and destroying an electric gate.
  5. A video showing the leaders and Pikmin walking about, building a bridge, running from a Creeping Chrysanthemum, entering a cave, White Pikmin unearthing a buried Essence of Rage, Blue Pikmin carrying the Temporal Mechanism, the leaders and Pikmin escaping to the surface via a geyser, fighting a Hairy Bulborb, running around a Gatling Groink, being knocked down by an Emperor Bulblax, being buried by a Mamuta, avoiding an Empress Bulblax, and ends with the leaders and Pikmin exploring around the Awakening Wood.
  6. This video explains the rules and mechanics for Challenge Mode while showing two-player footage, including The Key being delivered and a geyser appearing. It then shows 2-Player Battle and the various mechanics of the mode.
  7. This cutscene shows Louie gawking at a Red Pikmin sprout, the same clip as on the cutscene for the first day, and shows that Wiimote A.png can pluck Pikmin. It then shows Wiimote A.png being used to throw a Pikmin at a Pellet Posy and a pellet, shows Pikmin delivering pellets and the Onion expelling more seeds, and shows that Wiimote B.png can whistle Pikmin.


At the end of each day, a cutscene takes place showing the leaders gathering their Pikmin, and getting on their ship. Another cutscene after that shows the ship taking off, and wild creatures roaming below. If any Pikmin were left behind, they'll be shown getting eaten. After these cutscenes, the player is presented with the day's statistics.

Minor cutscenes[edit]

Other, smaller cutscenes play at certain times during the gameplay.

  • In all games, at the start of each day, a cutscene shows the game's spaceship landing, as well as any unlocked Onions.
  • Whenever a ship part or treasure is delivered, there is a cutscene that shows the object being sucked by the main ship. If the S.S. Dolphin is ready to go to another area after that, a short cutscene plays showing the ship fixing itself and improving in shape. In Pikmin 2, when a treasure is collected, the player is given a chance to look around the treasure they just collected using GCN Stick.png / Nunchuck Annalogstick.png.
  • Some cutscenes play whenever some special events happen on the progression of the storyline. These are usually followed by Captain Olimar's monologs or the Ship's dialogs:
    • An Onion is discovered.
    • New Pikmin types are discovered.
    • New mechanics are discovered, such as nectar or sprays.
  • When a Pikmin extinction occurs, a cutscene plays, showcasing the leader(s) looking around in disappointment and ending the day.
  • Should a leader lose all their health, a cutscene shows the leader collapsing to the floor. In Pikmin 2, the ship beams him up, and in Pikmin, the screen fades out to black and the day ends.

In Pikmin 2, minor explanation cutscenes will make it impossible for the player to press a button for a few seconds after the cutscene is over. The player can still move the leader about, however.

Music samples[edit]

Speeding up[edit]

Leaf texture.png

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There are some ways to speed up or outright skip certain cutscenes.

In Pikmin 2, holding GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png will make any text that is being written out show up faster. Pressing GCN B.png / Wiimote B.png however will write out all of the text in the box at once. When all of the text is written down in the box, the game prompts the player to press GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png to continue. Upon pressing it, the text currently in the box scrolls up, before the next bit of text starts. If GCN B.png / Wiimote B.png is held down, this vertical scroll is also sped up. So, the fastest way to go through conversation boxes is to press and hold GCN B.png / Wiimote B.png when the text begins to write, press GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png right after to continue – while keeping the first button held down – and then to let go and re-hold GCN B.png / Wiimote B.png for the next block.



  • In Pikmin's bad ending, the game picks random Pikmin to watch Olimar take off, and later, to carry him to an Onion. The game will not pick Pikmin from types the player does not have.
  • Amusingly, if the player terminates their last day on the planet of the Pikmin via a Pikmin extinction in the first game, three Pikmin will still see Olimar take off on his ship, and there will still be Pikmin to take him to the Onion.
  • Pikmin that are suffering from a hazard will continue doing so during a cutscene, in Pikmin 2. This can prove fatal for the Pikmin, as the player is almost always unable to save them in time.
  • Humorously, when Olimar and Louie are heading to the Pikmin planet in Pikmin 2, the Hocotate ship closely dodges a meteor, perhaps as a reference to the impact that caused Olimar to crash on the planet in the first game.

See also[edit]


  1. YouTube video showing the attraction mode from Pikmin
  2. YouTube video showing the cutscenes of the Attraction Mode from Pikmin 2
  3. YouTube video showing the cutscenes of the Attraction Mode from New Play Control! Pikmin
  4. YouTube video showing the cutscenes of the Attraction Mode from New Play Control! Pikmin 2