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Below the Ice

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Below the Ice
Sector 7 – Area B
Digging up the pipe in Below the Ice.
Treasures 4
Pikmin available Blue Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Requirements Complete Freezing Wasteland
Next area Over Wintry Mountains (normal exit)
Ordeal of Flame (secret exit)
Music Underground area
Underground area - back side

Below the Ice (ちていこの さきに?, lit.: "Beyond the underground lake") is the second main area in the Snowfall Field. It takes place underground, in a cave with several branching and looping paths. Based on its name and location on the map, it seems to take place beneath a frozen lake. The main part of the area consists of one big looping path. The first time the player crosses it, they must use the Blue Pikmin to drain a lake, and on the second time over, they can use Rock Pikmin found in the meantime to destroy crystals and explore different paths. Near the end, there is a crystal slightly off-camera that, when broken, allows passage to the secret exit, which leads to the area Ordeal of Flame. If the player instead continues down, they will reach the standard exit to Over Wintry Mountains.


This area, unlike most of the other areas in the Snowfall Field, takes place underground. As such, it doesn't feature snow or ice, although some crystals can be found. A big lake can be found at the bottom of the cave, that can be drained by destroying a Solid dirt block that serves as a clog. In this area, the player can get Blue Pikmin and Rock Pikmin. In addition to the normal exit, a secret exit can be found in this area, leading to the Ordeal of Flame. Moreover, this area has two distinctive features. Firstly, it is the only area of the whole game that contains four treasures: the Scoot-Over Bench, the Fond-o-Sphere, the Humor Implant and the Herbivore Molars. And secondly, the only Stuffed Bellbloom of the game can be found in this underground area.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Rattling can The can cutscene in Below the Ice. The player approaches the Flatterchuck. The camera moves up to an overturned rattling fish conserve can, and then returns back to Olimar.
Sleeping Pikmin The sleeping Pikmin cutscene in Below the Ice. After the loop, the player destroys the first crystal on the left, and enters the doorway and comes out in the other room. If instead, the player destroys the one on the right and enters that doorway, then the cutscene is triggered when the player goes back up the geyser, goes left, and approaches the doorway. Three Rock Pikmin jump out from behind a pile of dried leafs, while "Z"s float away from behind one end of the pile. The Pikmin rush off, but stop and turn around. One of the Pikmin goes behind the pile and pushes the sleeping Rock Pikmin behind, rolling it around. That sleeping Pikmin ends up waking up and springs upright.
Tripping Pikmin The tripping Pikmin cutscene in Below the Ice. After climbing up the pipe and the vine after it, the player opens the crystal to the right and enters the doorway. Olimar and four Blue Pikmin are walking in a tunnel in line, with Olimar leading. The fourth Pikmin is a bit behind, so it speeds up to catch up, but in doing this, it ends up bumping against the third Pikmin. This causes the third to bump into the second, which bumps into the first, which bumps into Olimar. The Pikmin get up, followed by Olimar. He then turns around to the first Pikmin, which turns to the second, and so on, until the fourth Pikmin, the one that started it all, looks behind, and concerned, realizes that there is nobody else to blame. With this, Olimar reacts by being upset. He turns around and continues on, as do the leading three Pikmin, and by the time the fourth realizes how far ahead the others are, it jumps in surprise and races to catch up.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes


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  • This is the only area in Hey! Pikmin that contains four treasures. All other areas hold only up to three.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ちていこの さきに?
Chiteiko no saki ni
Beyond the underground lake
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Onder het ijs Below the ice
Flag of France French Caverne inondée Flooded cavern
Flag of Germany German Überflutete Höhlen Flooded Caves
Flag of Italy Italian Baratro sommerso Sunken chasm
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Bajo el hielo Below the ice
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Bajo el Hielo Below the Ice