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Song Sewer

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Song Sewer Logs icon.
The Song Sewer from Hey! Pikmin.
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Weight 10
Maximum carriers 10 Pikmin
Location First Expedition

The Song Sewer (ハーモニック・モニカ?, lit.: "Harmonic Monica") is a treasure in Hey! Pikmin. It is a silver harmonica with small decorations near its edges. It is roughly five times the width of Captain Olimar, but is only about one-fourth his height. It can be found very early in the game, as it's the third treasure of the first area, First Expedition.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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Near the end of the area, the player will encounter the Song Sewer, placed above Olimar on a twig. The player just has to throw 10 Pikmin onto it, and then follow them in order to retrieve the treasure a bit further ahead.


Hey! Pikmin logs

The tunnels in this device convert air currents into musical vibrations. Isn't that the dullest description of an instrument you've ever heard? Blame the S.S. Dolphin II. I'd rather call it... a sculptor of wind.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ハーモニック・モニカ?
Hāmonikku Monika
Harmonic Monica
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Ademkam Breath comb
Flag of France French Sculpteur de vent Wind sculptor
Flag of Germany German Atemkamm Breath comb
Flag of Italy Italian Galleria musicale Musical gallery
Flag of Spain Spanish Serrucho melódico Melodic saw


  • The French name for this treasure translates to "wind sculptor", which sounds very similar to the name Olimar suggests in the English log, "sculptor of the wind".

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