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First Expedition

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First Expedition
Sector 1 – Area A
The area's landing site.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements None
Next area Cavern of Confusion
Music Brilliant Garden area
Brilliant Garden area - back side

First Expedition (はじまりの ばしょ?, lit.: "Place of start") is the first main area in Hey! Pikmin, after the crash-landing zone that serves as a tutorial. It takes place in a garden-like location, and is quite linear. It is one of the two areas available to play in the eShop demo.


After the tutorial level is completed, the S.S. Dolphin II explains that it managed to get a reading on a lot of Sparklium, and points Captain Olimar to the first sector of the planet, sector 1, and to the first area, called First Expedition. At the end of the stage, the S.S. Dolphin II's pod talks to Olimar about the dangers of the area, and suggests that he bring the Pikmin along to somewhere safe – this grants access to the Pikmin Park. In the park, the ship states that it can find Sparklium readings, but can't tell where from, exactly. This tasks the player with ordering the Pikmin in the park to start cleaning it up. The ship also tells Olimar about how it managed to unlock the logs feature. Right after this, the Pikmin find something in the park, the Distortion Chamber. As the player leaves the Pikmin to clean something else in the park, the ship recommends that other areas be explored while those Pikmin are busy at work.


The area starts off with Olimar gathering some Pikmin, and using them to carry bridge fragments to build a bridge, in order to climb a small hill. The first enemy encountered is a Crumbug. Getting close prompts the ship's pod to talk about how it looks dangerous, but killing it before getting too close can skip this dialog. After that come some large Sparklium flowers, some Pikmin and seeds being carried by Coppellers, and the first treasure of the stage, the Loop of Beginnings.

After some more bridge fragments, Olimar encounters some Pikmin itching to get past a chasm, with a gardening trowel on the side they and Olimar are on. Pikmin can be thrown at it to tip it over, which makes a bridge to the other side. Doing so also wakes up the Mockiwi on the other side. To the right of this fight is a segment with a hole in the wall. At this point, the pod informs Olimar that he can enter the hole using his jetpack, which unlocks the ability to use it. The hole leads to an isolated room with a heart and the second treasure (that can only be reached with the jetpack), the Hypno Pendulum. Back on the main path, there is another Mockiwi, some Coppellers carrying Pikmin, and the third and final treasure, the Song Sewer.

From here to the end, one can find more Sparklium flowers, and another gardening trowel, close to a hole from which come out unlimited Mockiwis.

When the first treasure in the stage is collected, the pod will point out to Olimar that the object has a certain amount of Sparklium in it, and suggests keeping an eye out for other treasures. This happens regardless of which treasure is first collected, and if the player ignores the Loop of Beginnings, the pod will quiz Olimar about leaving it behind, but will let the player continue onward anyway.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Trowel The trowel cutscene in First Expedition. The player advances beyond the large bridge. Two Red Pikmin look down at the chasm in front of them. They then look to the other side, where two other Red Pikmin are panicking, since they're right next to a sleeping Mockiwi. One of the Pikmin on Olimar's side tries to head for the chasm, but is stopped by the other one. The two eventually realize the upright trowel next to them, and the eager Pikmin from before jumps into it. The trowel wobbles a bit, but nothing really happens. Upset, the Pikmin stays lying on the ground for a bit while the two on the other end continue to cry.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
In a bush Right after the starting point, on a floating platform. 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 4 Pikmin Mandatory to build the red bridge.
Carried by Coppellers After the bridge and Crumbug. 2 Red Pikmin First time only If the Pikmin aren't rescued in time, the Coppellers fly away.
Circling a plant On the screen with the second bridge. 4 Red Pikmin First time only Mandatory to build the blue bridge.
By the trowel By the first trowel in the area, on the left side. 2 Red Pikmin First time only
After the trowel After the trowel is lowered, on the opposite side. 2 Red Pikmin First time only
Carried by Coppellers After the first doorway and the Mockiwi. 6 Red Pikmin First time only If the Pikmin aren't rescued in time, the Coppellers fly away.
In a bush In the Song Sewer section, directly under the Sparklium flower. 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 8 Pikmin







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The strategies shown are just suggestions.

From the starting point, head right until the floating platform. Whistle your first group of Pikmin here. Go forward, and throw two of them at the fragments on the floating platform, and the other two at the fragments on the floor. With the bridge built, go forward and watch out for the Crumbug when the path starts descending. Go forward, past the Sparklium flower, and wait a bit. Some Coppellers should swoop down carrying Pikmin. Wait for them to form a circle, stand under its center, and just repeatedly throw Pikmin upwards – this should get you everything the Coppellers were carrying easily. But don't take too long or they'll fly away. You can now go back to the flower, and use this army of 6 Pikmin to wail on the flower.

Go forward some more until you spot the Loop of Beginnings on a ledge. Throw 3 Pikmin at it, and wait for them to carry it to you. Once that's done, advance to the next part, and whistle the Pikmin on the top screen. As they come down, they'll carry the two topmost fragments. Throw one Pikmin at the lone fragment on the left, and three to the bundle to its right. Once the bridge is built, head on forward. A cutscene will play with the trowel. Tip the trowel down to form a bridge, and as soon as you do, get ready to pick up the two Pikmin that come to you, and fight the Mockiwi that woke up.

Advance forward some more and use the jetpack to reach the doorway on the wall. On the other side, you've got a small ledge you can climb, but a bigger ledge that you'll need the jetpack for – this ledge contains the Hypno Pendulum. Head back out, get the Pikmin that stayed behind, and go to the right. On ahead, you'll spot a Mockiwi; quickly dispatch it so you can take care of the Coppellers that just flew in. Keep an eye on them on both screens, and strike them when they go to the bottom screen. If you take too long, they'll fly away.

On the next part, you can find the Song Sewer up on a branch. Throw enough Pikmin at it and make your way to the right, quickly enough that you're always ahead of the carrier Pikmin. On your way, you'll find a Sparklium flower; quickly attack it and continue. Shortly after that, there is a Crumbug. Attack it to make the area clear for the carrier Pikmin to drop down and deliver the treasure to you. Don't go just yet, or you'll make a Mockiwi come out of the hole in the wall up ahead. Instead, wait for the Pikmin and then head on, so that you'll be ready to take down the Mockiwi cleanly. Head forward, and take down the last trowel in the way. If you think you can't tip it in time, then use your Pikmin to attack the Mockiwi before it gets to you, so that you can continue in peace. Finally, after this trowel, you'll find the S.S. Dolphin II's pod waiting for you.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese はじまりの ばしょ?
Hajimari no basho
Place of start
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De eerste stappen The first steps
Flag of France French Premiers pas First steps
Flag of Germany German Die erste Expedition The first expedition
Flag of Italy Italian Passo primordiale First step
Flag of South Korea Korean 시작의 장소
Sijag-ui jangso
Place of start
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Expedición inicial First expedition
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Sendero Germinal Germinal path

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.