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Note that none of this works with the stuff in Main Creations (even though there is a picture of Style Pikmin attacking an Afropig); this is basically my old userpage.

Style Pikmin
Resistance None/All
Attack Very low/Extremely high
Mobility Very low/Extremely high
Throw Very low/Extremely high
Digging speed Unknown
Carrying capacity 1/100

The Style Pikmin (or Funky Pikmin) is a fan-made Pikmin designed by AFROMAN. Usually it is pathetically weak, but if there is a funky beat nearby, it becomes much more powerful. It's distinguishing features are it's luxuriant mop and it's blue eyes. It somehow ties it's stem under it's hair. You can only find them in Funky Disco Onions, which are very rare and emit a funky beat. An idol Style Pikmin near a funky beat will dance.

Two Style Pikmin attacking an Afropig.

If Style Pikmin at full power attack an enemy, they will pick it up and throw it, usually killing it in the process.