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This guide will tell you the best way you can get several Pikmin, on The Impact Site. A very basic walkthrough, but informational nonetheless. {EspyoT} V2.1


This guide takes into account that:

  • You have a balanced type rooster, and do not wish to get more of a certain type;
  • It's after day 7 (When the Mamuta and Goolix appear);
  • You have at least 100 flower Pikmin of each type;
  • The Positron Generator has already been collected, the gates are opened, etc.;
  • You are reading from start to finish (or else you may not understand something that has been said previously).

Also, consider the following;

  • Before you decided to do a step, make sure you read the next one(s). There might be some information up ahead that may help you figure out the best way to do the current step.
  • Don't worry if you can't get it all done. Just make sure you use the best of your time and use techniques like the "C-stick tactic", and "Throw Pikmin further" to be faster. If you still can't get it all done at the end of the day, at least make sure that there are no Pikmin idle or working when the countdown ends. In this guide, the second half of the day usually comes when starting step 20.
  • Use a bit of common sense, rather than just reading and obeying every word. If you see that you need to regroup all, or most of your Pikmin to do the next step(s), do so. You obviously know that you need to assign Pikmin to carry pellets of their color. Also, you can see by yourself how much time you got, to make some quick small changes in the plan.
  • I designed this guide mainly to have people create a big number of Pikmin, to have a good score on the High Scores. If your task is to merely quit your "Ship part gathering" routine for a day or two, then don't try to follow the guide just as it is. And take it easy; don't try to propagate millions in one go.
  • You might not be able to do everything in the first try, but that is normal. Try again, following the strategy faster, and also, using common sense.
  • Yes, I know that this is something that really doesn't require a guide, at all. Yet still, this is a good strategy to get everything done. And following this guide (or the main strategy) VS improvising can get you a difference of 320 VS 280 at the end of the day.


  1. Grab all your blue Pikmin from the Onion and order 5 to dig up the grass by the geyser, and some others to smack the geyser.
  2. When all Pikmin get out, call the ones digging the grass. Touch the plants near the Yellow Onion to make the Iridescent Flint Beetle pop out.
  3. Start tossing Pikmin onto its back, and watch out for the Pikmin that want to carry pellets to the Onion. Hit it until it spits out the second 1 pellet or until it buries itself.
  4. Take all 100 towards the place where the box used to be, before the reds pushed it in the beginning of the story. Do the same to the Beetle that comes out, trying not to lead it towards the main site.
  5. Do the same to the third Beetle, located in the area with the bomb-rocks.
  6. Lead everyone towards the tree stump.
  7. (If it's an odd-numbered day) Leave around 50 Pikmin hitting the Goolix' main nucleus.
  8. Head towards the Pearly Clamclamp in the small island, and attack it until is loses its pearl.
  9. Let 3-6 Pikmin carry it back to the Onion.
  10. Take out the pearl of the other Pearly Clamclamp, on the water.
  11. This time, have some Pikmin lead the pearl out of the water. When it's on land, regroup the Pikmin that were carrying it.
  12. Leave as many Pikmin as possible, from the ones that helped you fight the Pearly Clamclamps, carry the 20 blue pellet.
  13. (If it's an odd-numbered day) The others that were destroying the Goolix should be done by now. Regroup them. Use those Pikmin, and the others that didn't find a place to help carry the 20 pellet, carry all 4 pellets. Keep yourself close to them. Let the ones that are taking blue pellets; instead, call the ones carrying Red or Yellow before they stick those to the Onion. Regroup everyone.
  14. (If you lost any Pikmin) Pluck all Pikmin and feed them nectar provided by the grass in the first step.
  15. Have all 100 Pikmin with you, and get some on the Onion, so that you end up having 33 with you.
  16. Call 33 yellows, and 34 reds.
  17. Gather every pellet that is on the main site, including the pellet posies. Don't forget the one by the Yellow Onion, that always has a red pellet. Ignore the ones by the small stumps and the S.S. Dolphin.
  18. Go to the tree stump closest to the one with the 3 10 pellets. Knock down all the Pellet Posies and fetch their pellets. Don't forget the blue pellet on top of the stump.
  19. Do the same with the other small stump. This time, it's a yellow pellet on top.
  20. Regroup everyone. Swarm the Pikmin to the sticks next to the tree stump. If needed, press X to let them work on it. Quickly, climb up using the geyser.
  21. Most likely, some lazy Pikmin will start to come up before the work is done. Call them as soon as you can, without calling ones that could fall out of the stump.
  22. Use them to knock the posies, and gather everything up here.
  23. Regroup everyone and gather the pellets near the main stump.
  24. Regroup, and head towards the main stump. Before going up, give 2 yellows a bomb-rock.
  25. Once up there, dismiss everyone and throw a single yellow next to the yellows with bomb-rocks.
  26. Throw all yellows on the yellow 20 pellet.
  27. Grab the 3 yellows taken apart, and throw the 2 with bomb-rocks to the Pearly ClamClamp's pearl. Use all 3 yellows to take it back.
  28. Grab all your reds and assign 3 on the pearl that the blues took out of the water, and 20 on the 20 pellet.
  29. (If it's an even-numbered day) Put all your yellows and blues on the Onions, and gather 100 reds. Take out the Mamuta (swarming would be a good way, provided that there really are 100 fighting, and they are all flower). Take its corpse to the Onion that has the least number of Pikmin. Re-flower the red Pikmin that got hurt.

You should be done by now, and the timer should start ticking. If you think you left something behind, forget about it. All you have to do now is wait for the timer to finish (or choose "Go to Sunset") and do the same on the next day. If you were fast enough, you can get it all done at around 13:30 (like I did once). Each even-numbered day can give you about 320 Pikmin, and each odd-numbered day, around 330; average, if you did everything right.