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A Bit To Find Out About Me.

Hello, I'm Flish, or Waffle_Flish on the PC game SPORE.I like to make predictions about Pikmin 3. You can go on SPORE or Genome Incorporated to contact me.

Pikmin 3 Predictions


Spring Clover This Plant has a long, curled, fleshy, stem. When something touches the leaf, including pikmin and enemies, the leaf will fling them into the air and land at a set location. they are similiar to the geysers in Pikmin 1 however, can fling things much farther. Olimar writes "The Spring Clover seems to spring forward if touched, possibly a defence mechanism from animals that might want to eat it." The Spring Clover is not related to clovers, but instead lotuses which will appear in Pikmin 3. Enemies

Vites Vites are a new family in Pikmin 3. They are round with a pair of armored legs and a tenticle on the top of the head. there is only three vites present, one being a boss. These three types are all similiar to dweevils, but much faster. the Pikmin Vite will pick up your pikmin and may carry them into dangerous hazards, were it violently throws them to the ground, not planting them, but stunning them for a few seconds. The Bomb vite picks up ((Bomb Rocks)), and then will wander around them map. If it finds pikmin, it will activate the bomb rock and run around crazily. When it dies, it will explode into 10 mitites.

Electic Blowhog

This odd blowhog has a yellow snout. it can shoot out a massive burst of electricity out of it's mouth/nose. It is not like either land or floating. It is a transitional species. It will walk around at first, but at about half health, somewhat like a shearwig, it will float into the air. it has about the same amount of health as a Withering Blowhog.

An electric Blowhog. Made with Matdog100000000's sprites.


Brown Pikmin This New Pikmin is a dark brown color, with Massive claws on it's hands and dialated pupils. it has the third strongest attack of all the pikmin, only less than the red and purple pikmin. It uses it's claws to dig through loose soil, a new obsticle that is very common later in the game. It also has the best chance of being picked last to be eaten of all the pikmin. This type of pikmin is found in Hidden Bog, and is the 7th pikmin found.

Tan Pikmin This new pikmin is a light tan color and has 2 pairs of red, feathery, gills. It can cross Muddy Water, which even Blue Pikmin cannot cross. They die very quickly from poisons, because it's unprotected gills bring the poison directly into the pikmin's body.

Black Pikmin Black Pikmin are the last Pikmin to be found. they are found on Frigid Peaks, and can fight Paranormal Enemies, like the Waterwraith, and new enemies such as the Ghostly Progg and Choking Dweevil. They have eyebrows which glow a lime green.

Bulbmin Not really a new pikmin, but the Bulbmin is actually an enemy. these orange pikmin have root-like hairs and fingers to control creatures. Pikmin do not attack them, since they are pikmin, nor do they attack Pikmin, except in Multiplayer mode. They will attack captians, even if they aren't active, and must be bunched to death. they have an onion which floats around the map and occasionally lands, producing a pikmin seed, which counts to your pikmin on the feild. picking these subtracts this amount luckily, but they will attack. sometimes, the onion will not produce a seed and Bulbmin will Patrol the map, attacking both foe and captian. your pikmin will attack the onion, and will drop any treasure the Bulbmin brought back to the Onion. when the onion has pikmin bring it treasure, it sucks it up and bulbmin slide down the leg. the Onion is seen at the end of a day flying into the air if it had landed. On the minimap, the Bulbmin appear as orange dots so avoiding them is much easier.

Pikmin 3 Modes

Level Creator A new mode in Pikmin 3 will be the Level Creator. here, you start off with a flat plain. it's covered with a terrain you've already picked. you pick how many onions can land there, were walls are, enemies, hazards, water, and even in the case of the candypop buds, what type of pikmins can be created there. the only thing you can't place down is honeywisps, which will randomly apear on the map. you can create abysses and caves too. you can then share it on the internet for others to play. Online Adventure This new mode will let you play as one of the three captians in the game (Olimar, his son, and Louie) and wander around with your pikmin squad. you will be able to know which pikmin are yours via the glow they give off when idle. you can also form alliances with your friends or other players and battle eachother until there is a winner(s). You can also dive into any cave on the online map alone or with 1-9 of the players. Enemy Arena this area will allow you to battle any of the enemies from the pikmin games. the arena is always a bowl shape, but the enviroment is determend by the enemy you picked. You can unlock more enemies and grow your pikmin army by defeating enemies. you start out with no pikmin, then get to pick one of the several types of pikmin to get 10 more of. this can effect your play, because if you needed 10 white pikmin to defeat a Munge Dweevil but got 10 brown you could be in serious trouble. 4 player mode In 4 player mode you can play as Olimar, Louie, Saycho, or Olimars Son. Alone with the old roulette spins, there is several new ones. -Electric Blowhog, Appears at a player of your choices base. -Bomb Rocks a pile of bomb rocks that your team's pikmin can pick up and use as weapons.

Pikmin and Onion Explanation

I have come up with an idea that the onion and pikmin are not related, but instead the pikmin use the onion as a home, provided that the onion releases seeds and the pikmin feed it. I've based this upon several things. First off, the Onions puff bounce around when they have pikmin in them, but when all your pikmin of that color are taken out, the onion sits there, the flower moving a bit. Its almost as if the pikmin shouldn't be in the onion. Then there's the fact that pikmin don't need an onion, even though apperantly Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin all live in onions.