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Pikmin 2 icon.png
Mitite Piklopedia icon.
Appears in Pikmin 2
Scientific name Mitivius infiltratus
Family Unknown
Areas All
Caves All but Emergence Cave
Challenge Mode levels All with eggs
2-Player Battle levels None
Attacks Cause panic

Mitites (タマゴムシ?, lit.: "Egg Insect") are small, pink creatures with white shells and five legs, found only in Pikmin 2. They cannot directly harm Pikmin, but when nearby, cause them to run in panic, which can inadvertently lead them to danger, like a hazard. When stumbled upon, they appear in a swarm of ten, scuttling around, and just need to be alive in order for nearby Pikmin to panic. Purple Pikmin are the only type of Pikmin who are not disturbed by this enemy.

Any egg, both on the ground and from a Honeywisp, has a 5% chance of containing Mitites, which means they can be found anywhere eggs are. They can also burrow up from under the ground in specific locations, such as sublevel 10 of the Hole of Heroes. Finally, they are also released from the bodies of the Raging Long Legs if it has been defeated before.

Every creature in the swarm drops a pool of nectar when killed, which makes them valuable for building a flowered army. When trying to get Pokos, they are also somewhat efficient. The reason Mitites are found inside eggs is because they lay their eggs inside the eggs of other organisms, making them parasitoids. Strangely, they cannot be petrified in the areas or caves they are found in, but can be petrified after coming out of the ground in sublevel 6 of Bulblax Kingdom, sublevel 10 of the Hole of Heroes, and in the Piklopedia by pressing GCN Z.png / Wiimote 1.png.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
1 1 2 Poko icon.png × 1 50 No


Mitites in eggs only come out once the egg is broken. Those that are hidden underground will come out if Pikmin or leaders get near, or if an Emperor Bulblax in the same sublevel roars. Once a group of Mitites appears, any nearby non-Purple Pikmin will start panicking. The enemies start run around aimlessly as well. Any Mitites that are not killed will eventually burrow underground after a set amount of time.


Mitites can appear inside any egg in the game, including eggs carried by Honeywisps. Once an egg breaks, there is a 5% chance that a group will come out. Besides that, Mitites burrow from under the ground when approached, or when called by an Emperor Bulblax's scream, in specific caves, normally in dead ends:

Besides that, a group of Mitites also comes out of the Raging Long Legs in sublevel 15 of the Hole of Heroes, if the Remembered Old Buddy has already been collected.


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The best way to kill Mitites is to throw Purple Pikmin onto them: any type will work, but Purple Pikmin send out shock waves that kill all of the surrounding Mitites; without purples, a direct hit is required to kill a single enemy in one hit-and-run. In addition, Purple Pikmin are the only type that do not seem to be afraid of Mitites.

When approaching an egg, keep in mind that it can drop Mitites. As such, the best way to open eggs is to throw two or three Purple Pikmin onto them in quick succession. The first Pikmin should break the egg(s), while the next Pikmin create a shock wave to destroy the Mitites, if they appear. This way, all Mitites can be killed in a quick fashion, without scaring Pikmin. However, seeing as eggs could drop nectar pools, it's advised to use flowered Purple Pikmin to open the eggs. If the egg drops nectar and the player uses leaf Purple Pikmin to open it, the Pikmin might drink all of the nectar before most of the other Pikmin can reach it.

Another way is to grab every single Pikmin you have (Red Pikmin are preferred) and swarm them, this is easy because they sometimes get killed in one hit.

Leader punches go through Mitites without harming them, but if they are petrified, the punches actually do damage and can kill, despite the health wheel not showing.


Olimar's notes

These parasitic insects feed on eggs. Upon reaching maturity, they excrete a special pheromone that attracts females of particular species, enticing these females to swallow the mitites whole. (Pikmin, however, seem to dislike the scent.) After entering the host female's body, the mitites lay their own eggs inside the host's eggs just prior to the host spawning.

Louie's notes

Flash-fry with garlic and red chilis in a hot pan, then sprinkle with grated gorgonzola. Some dinner guests may find the legs unappealing, so it's best to remove them before serving.

Technical information[edit]

Other information[edit]

  • Size: Body length: 30.5mm, as per the e-card
  • Piklopedia number: #29


The name "Mitite" is a play on the mite, a small parasitic insect in the real world (although the enemy has five legs instead of the mite's eight). In Japan, it is called タマゴムシ?, which merely translates to "Egg Insect". Its scientific name is Mitivius infiltratus, in which mitivius seems made up (but similar to "Mitite"), and infiltratus is close to the English word "infiltrate". It fits, as the creature infiltrates eggs to lay its own. Internally, this insect is called tamagomushi, the same as its Japanese name.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴムシ?
Tamago Mushi
Egg Insect
French Mitite


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