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I am a nerd who enjoys Pikmin I have 100% Pikmin 2's main story Same with Pikmin 3 I think Pikmin 1 is ok. And I got all treasures except the bank and had a Pikmin extinction on the last day... Yay, I Like Trains!

My weird strategy for hostile territory. When playing with Condition 2 involves camping at your base and waiting for the enemy to come to you. Hostile Territory contains many lethal enemies. So the enemy should have less Pikmin then you. When they come with their weak squad. Spicy Spray your Pikmin and attack them. This should cause the enemy to flee, sending them back into the hostile area. Repeat this until the enemy has a Pikmin Extinction.

Waffles P.S. I am a semi-active user.

I believe that Ujadani are juvenile Honeywisps. What about you? Here is an enemy thing.

My account is over 1 year old!

Green Shy Guy 54
Don't ask
A Shy Guy.
Appears in N/A
Scientific name Nerdius Weirdinus
Family {{{family}}}
Areas None
Attacks Overload with Train Facts


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A A yellow Sparklium Seed icon, used to represent the object found in the games. × 100 23141 21


Favorite Games= Spore, Pikmin 2, Tomadachi Life, MK Wii, Splatoon 2, Punch-Out Wii, and Minecraft

Indiana Jones: Last Crusade and Who Framed Roger Rabbit are among my favorite films.

Owns = Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, DS, Gamecube, N64, NES, Switch, 2DS, NES Classic (Modded), SNES Classic (Modded), PS3, Computer, and Game Boy Advance SP