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  • Add more images to Template:Featured Image.
  • Clean up Pikmin School.
  • Add even more(!) images to Template:Featured Image.
  • Add more excerpt links to Template:Excerpt.
  • Create infobox for Pikmin 1 ship parts. Refer to this.
  • Add pages for obstacles (gates, long grass, paper bags...) (why don't we have any of those already?). And categorise them all into Category:Obstacles.
  • Clean up Help:Searching and make it relevant to this site.
  • Page Footers.
  • Take Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode level screenshots.
  • Get images for Hazards.
  • Add {{Screenshot}} to images.
  • Split forums.
  • Get better Essence of Desire image.
  • Categorise articles at Special:Uncategorizedpages (see Forum: A few things.).
  • Finish the Monobook skin (User:Greenpickle/monobook.css); fix for IE.
  • Pikmin 1 notes - make sure templates are fine, add to pages, update current projects.
  • Main Page/draft.
  • Add Use sections to all applicable templates.
  • Improve template if statements based on template:free.
  • Categorise all images.