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Notes from the first game about various Pikmin and ship parts

Yellow Pikmin

The color is different, but it seems to be a Pikmin nonetheless. First glance suggests this one has what, in some circles, could be considered very large ears. It looks like it may weigh less than the others... In what other ways might it be different from the red Pikmin? No matter. They are obviously quite similar, so I shall call this one a Pikmin as well.

Main Engine

Amazing! There's no mistaking it! My ship's engine rests before my very eyes! By a stroke of pure luck, I have already stumbled upon the most important piece of my damaged craft! Fate has smiled upon me! But... How will I get it back to the Dolphin?

Part description

It was pure luck that I found this piece first. With this I can at least lift off!

Eternal Fuel Dynamo

Why, it's the Eternal Fuel Dynamo!

It has an unlimited energy supply! I won't have to worry about saving electricity anymore! This will make the fight for survival a bit easier...


This should light things up. No more candles for me!

Whimsical Radar

It's my Whimsical Radar!

With this, I'll be able to see all nearby ship parts in a single glance—I just press (Y) to check it. This find fills me with great hope.


This important part can detect the locations of the other missing parts. The radar will be added to my monitor, which I can press (Y) to view. (C) zooms in and out. This will surely help me in my search for the remaining parts!

Nova Blaster

I've found the Nova Blaster!

It emits a dazzling burst of light capable of destroying almost anything! I'm not exactly sure about this, but the promotional brochure claims that its blasts can travel in the currents of space-time, smashing through stars and into the rifts of space.


This is a weapon of such incredible destructive force that it can blast stars into tiny pieces...

It has a strange allure.

Extraordinary Bolt

It's the Extraordinary Bolt!

I bought this incredible bolt because the salesman told me it is of extraordinary quality that is indiscernible to the average person. Exactly what makes it so extraordinary is a secret. But just look at it! Extraordinary!


This bolt's bolt holds the kind of value that only a true connoisseur can understand.