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Hi guys! I'm Yellowpikmin5555! I love Pikmin and other games! My favorite wiki is pikmin wiki! I own a wiki called Willosaur Wiki, so if you play Spore come check it out! I think Yellow Pikmin are awesome!

Ridiculous Ideas

WARNING: These ideas are very ridiculous. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Hitchhiking Splatterbug.
Hitchhiking Splatterbug

The Hitchhiking Splatterbug is a suprising addition to the Grub-dog family. It flies through the air, dropping poisonous pollen onto Pikmin. It contains large amounts of Nectar and Sprays. It can spear Pikmin with its snout and bring them to a nest of hungry babies that, when 10 Pikmin are dropped, grow into more Splatterbugs. They can latch onto Leaders and fly away, instantly downing that leader. They hate water and if lured to it, cannot fly and are dropped in to die and be collected by Blue Pikmin.

Reccomended Pikmin: Blue

Quadroped Snitchbug

The Quadroped Snitchbug is a deadly type that can grab 4 Pikmin (or Leaders) and is part of the Scarpanids. It is very deadly and appears around marshes. It also chooses to drop Pikmin near hazards so their death is very possible. However, if  Purple Pikmin are thrown at them, they will die and leave 5-7 drops of Nectar. They, unlike the Hitchhiking Splatterbug, love water and will go under at as much as possible. Avoid them here, they are good swimmers and can lead your pikmin into traps. They also regain health this way.

Reccomended Pikmin: Purple or Yellow

The Quadroped Snitchbug.