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Artwork of Pikmin drinking nectar in Pikmin.

Nectar (大地のエキスを?, lit.: "Earth extract") is a substance that turns Pikmin from leaf or bud stages directly into the flower stage, which is faster. It comes in the form of large drops of yellow liquid that multiple Pikmin can drink. Swarming Sheargrubs can also drink nectar, and will grow bigger if they do.

In the main series[edit]


A screenshot of a drop of nectar in Pikmin 2.

Any leaf or bud Pikmin that pass by a drop of nectar on the ground will crouch down and begin to slurp it for roughly two seconds, regardless of whether it is idle or has been directed to it. At the end of the slurp, it will jump up and the leaf or bud on its head will turn into a flower.

In Pikmin and Pikmin 2, a single drop of nectar can be shared by any number of Pikmin, but as soon as one Pikmin starts to drink it, the drop will shrink until it disappears when the first Pikmin is done. This means that only Pikmin which start drinking the nectar within this time window will be flowered. The time window is quite strict in Pikmin, but lasts longer in Pikmin 2. The most effective way to get a large number of Pikmin drinking the same nectar drop is by swarming them in a tight group.

In Pikmin 3, a single drop of nectar can flower 10 Pikmin. When a single Pikmin drinks from a drop of nectar, it will drink one tenth of the drop. Thus it is not possible for an entire large squad to be flowered from a single drop, but is it also not possible to waste a drop on a single Pikmin.


There are numerous places where nectar can be found. Most of these sources will produce a single drop of nectar most of the time, but can sometimes produce more.


Prima Guide[edit]

"This golden liquid causes immature Pikmin to instantly blossom. Pikmin move much faster once they've matured, so try to make use of any nectar you find."


Main article: Floating nectar.

In Pikmin Adventure[edit]

Nectar spread all over the ground in Pikmin Adventure.

Nectar makes an appearance in Nintendo Land's attraction Pikmin Adventure. Nectar is a common item that can be found inside "?" blocks, and appears as leftovers from destroyed enemies. Every three blobs, a player will level up. It takes level 5 to get a bud, and level 10 to get a flower. Players will also drop a few drops of nectar when hurt.

If the player isn't doing very well on a specific stage, the game will eventually spawn a rainbow "!" block near the starting point. Once this block is broken, a large drop of nectar appears that, when collected, instantly evolves all players to level 50.

Monita's Notes[edit]

"Nectar is a condensed, highly nutritional food source that has been scientifically proven to encourage a Pikmin's growth. Also, it looks delicious."



  • There is a pre-made WarioWare: D.I.Y. microgame called Pikmin. In the game, the throwing cursor moves back and forth. When the player taps the screen, Olimar will throw a Red Pikmin to the cursor. It must land on the rock where nectar is in order to win the game. If the player misses, the Pikmin will land in the pond and drown.
  • In Pikmin 2, if the first Pikmin that drinks nectar is a Bulbmin, the cutscene will trigger but the sound of a normal Pikmin will play. Since Bulbmin have a different voice, this is likely a mistake.
  • In Pikmin 3, if a leaf Pikmin drinks nectar, it back flips in happiness, but if a bud Pikmin drinks nectar, it will stretch its arms out and shake them.
  • In a certain check in conversation in Pikmin 3, Brittany reveals that she tasted nectar, and describes it as bitter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese 大地のエキスを?
Daichi no ekisu o
Earth extract
Flag of China Chinese
大地精華 Essence of the Earth
Flag of China Chinese
大地精华 Essence of the Earth
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Nectar Nectar Name taken from official websites
Flag of France French Nectar Nectar
Flag of Germany German Nektar Nectar
Flag of Italy Italian Nettare Nectar
Flag of South Korea Korean 대지의 정수
Daegiui jeongsu
Marrow of Earth
Flag of Spain Spanish Néctar Nectar
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (NoE) Néctar Nectar Names taken from official websites
Flag of Russia Russian Нектар
Nectar Name taken from official websites

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