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Hello, Toomai, and welcome to Pikipedia, a wiki with information regarding Pikmin. The administration thanks you for registering, and has provided some useful links to help familiarize yourself with rules, regulations and other such facilities. We hope you like the place and decide to stay.

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Also, aren't you from Smashwiki? If I remember correctly, back on Wikia, you, Megatron, and a guy (sorry, forgot his name; something to do with Reapers and/or Scythes, right?) got into a huge conflict with a seriously immature user named Slipknot Darkrai.... I felt so sorry for you reading that, though you didn't seem to take part in it much, probably because it mostly escalated on Donkey Kong Wikia, which I'm not sure you're a part of. Still though; if you remember that, sorry--best not to cry over spilt milk nowadays, I guess, though. That was a while ago, after all. Anyways, welcome--glad to have you here! Sorry for the sort-of-long text, too. -Los Plagas