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Hello, Username, and welcome to Pikipedia! If you need ideas on how to help, please see the helping out page. For a beginner's guide on how to edit pages, check out the quick start guide. Finally, if you need to talk to one of us, there's our Discord server. Thanks for joining, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

I see the edits you're making to articles at the moment and the forum post you made, and I recommend discussing first with other editors before continuing. Pikipedia has some general usage guidelines with some of its templates that may differ from how they're done on other wikis; for example, the stub template goes at the top of articles or sections instead of the bottom, and the guide template goes in sections with strategies to indicate they're subjective. Before offering changes to wiki policies, it's recommended to gain some experience editing articles first, and to discuss them in the Discord server linked above. Sorry if this seems rude, but it's odd for someone to join a wiki and start changing things all over the place. — Soprano(talk) 21:23, February 5, 2022 (EST)

Activity categories[edit]

May I ask, why have you created categories for different activity levels of users? For a wiki the size of Pikipedia, I don't see why those would be useful. — Soprano(talk) 19:16, February 6, 2022 (EST)

I don't know why I did that, to be honest. Username(talk) 02:02, February 7, 2022 (EST)


I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of the translation project. The "Names in other languages" section exists to document the name of a subject in different languages, as English isn't the only language the games are released in. The name comes from the game (just as the article's title comes from the game), and then there's a translation of the foreign name to English to highlight differences in meaning between regions. The names in other languages are not the English name translated to another language. Articles with conjectural names (like Liftable rock) don't need translations as they don't have official names in other languages. There are also some special cases, namely the Japan-only treasures, which have titles that are English translations of their Japanese names.

Now, some of what you've been doing has been good; for example, adding the English translation of the Spanish name of the Electric Cottonade is exactly the right thing to do. And there are probably several other articles where the Spanish name is documented but the English translation of that name is not, and it would be great if you could help add more English translations. But I ask, please stop adding unofficial translations to articles, as that's not what the "Names in other languages" section is for. — Soprano(talk) 03:17, February 20, 2022 (EST)

Okay, thanks for telling me. But, do you speak Spanish, maybe you can do some Spanish translating edits to show me an example of how to properly add the translation into pages. Thanks! Username 03:23, February 20, 2022 (EST)
I don't speak any languages other than English, but adding the proper translation into pages is simple: set the game to the language you want to get the names from, play the game, and record the names. Add them to the article, and add their English translations in the meaning column. Since you don't own the games as far as I know, the only part you can do is add the English translations of the Spanish names, which is still great as there aren't many editors who can do this. — Soprano(talk) 03:30, February 20, 2022 (EST)
Got it. Thanks for being honest! Username 03:33, February 20, 2022 (EST)
Yeah, sorry that you made all that translation effort for it to turn out to be unnecessary. But now you know what you can do to help. If you have Pikmin Bloom, you could add Spanish names from that game! — Soprano(talk) 03:40, February 20, 2022 (EST)
I installed the app on my phone a while ago, so I'll consider doing this. However, I think I'm no longer allowed to publish any translate-related edits. Username 12:33, October 29, 2022 (EDT)
I don't think you've got the message: please stop adding your own Spanish translations of article titles. If you want to help in the translation project, add English translations of official Spanish names that have already been documented, or document official Spanish names of things in Pikmin Bloom. — Soprano(talk) 02:47, February 21, 2022 (EST)

Your contributions[edit]

We already talked a bit in Pikcord, but it's important to bring it up here. On top of what Soprano explained about the translations, there are more problems I want to talk about. Most of your edits have been to important pages that are about the very way the wiki is run. However, you have little experience with wikis in general, and especially video game wikis. Most of all, you have no experience with Pikipedia, and do not understand how the wiki and the Pikmin community work. So most of the time you make an edit, you end up doing something wrong and causing harm to the wiki. If this behavior keeps up, I will have to ban you for the safety of the wiki.

If you want to help Pikipedia anyway, then you are going to have to slow down in your edits, and only make changes that you are sure of. If you are not sure if you should make a certain edit or not, please ask on Pikcord or on a talk page. I'm also noticing other weird edits you've been making that do not help the wiki. So from here on out, you'll have to follow these points:

  • Re-read Pikipedia's policies and guidelines. You've made a lot of edits related to them, but I don't think you actually read them to understand how Pikipedia works.
  • Stop making edits related to translations.
  • Always ask before making big changes to the wiki, especially if you are not sure.
  • Do not write your online status on your userpage. A wiki is not a real-time conversation platform, so statuses don't matter. Plus it wouldn't make sense to have a ton of edits going back and forth writing "online" or "offline".

Please keep these in mind. — {EspyoT} 14:14, February 21, 2022 (EST)

Welcome template[edit]

Please stop replacing the welcome template text on talk pages with {{welcome}}. Template:Welcome should always be substituted; it's just the standard way of having welcome templates on wikis.

It's also not necessary to edit talk pages just to update your signature. Having your old signature on a page is OK! And if you want to be able to change it and have the change appear on old comments, create a subpage at [[User:Username/sig]] with your signature code, and change the signature code in your preferences to {{User:Username/sig}}. — Soprano(talk) 20:58, August 4, 2022 (EDT)

Sorry, the welcome template thing is indirectly my fault; at Pikmin Fanon, the welcome template is never substituted because it takes up less space on a page and every instance of the template on a page is updated when the main template is. Can't blame Username for trying to help out, even if what they did here wasn't the right thing to do. We also worked out the signature part. ~ Contributions Cheepy (talk)  22:11, August 4, 2022 (EDT)

Changing signature CSS[edit]

When it comes to things like this change, don't keep the bold tags. It's generally considered improper form to be using bold tags and while span or div tags are also generally deprecated, it's a more appropriate method to do inline through. Trig - 22:39, September 6, 2023 (EDT)