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Liftable rock

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Liftable rocks are tools in Hey! Pikmin. These are plain rocks with vines wrapped all around them, and the end of the vine, on top of the rock, can be grabbed by Winged Pikmin. When enough Winged Pikmin have grabbed on, they will lift the rock and anything on it. This makes it possible to not only remove the rock out of the way to allow passage, but also to raise Captain Olimar or some Pikmin to a higher spot. Whistling the Winged Pikmin will make them drop the rock instantly, which can be fatal to any enemy, Pikmin, or even Olimar himself.


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  • Brilliant Garden:
  • Verdant Waterfront:
  • Sparkling Labyrinth:
  • Ravaged Rustworks:
  • Leafswirl Lagoon:
  • Sweltering Parchlands:
  • Snowfall Field:
  • Lushlife Murk:
  • Secret Spots:
    • Secret Spot 20: 4 Winged Pikmin. The liftable rock is the main obstacle in the area. It must be raised to allow the Rock Pikmin through, lowered to allow the thrown Rock Pikmin to reach the crystal, and then raised again to bring Olimar to the pellet.


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