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Gender Male
Location United States
Pikmin Story: 100% completion
Challenge Mode: Never touched
Pikmin 2 icon.png Story: 100% completion (many times)
Challenge Mode: All pink flowers
Pikmin 3 icon.png Story: ~80% completion, never beat
Mission Mode: Never touched
New Play Control! Pikmin icon.png Own, never played
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 icon.png Don't own
Pikmin 3 Deluxe icon.png Don't own
Hey! Pikmin icon.png Don't own
Pikmin Adventure icon.png Don't own
This user can run Pikmin games on Dolphin.

Welcome to Cheepy's userpage!


Hello! I'm Cheepy. Some of you may remember me as "Cheepy-Cheepy", a patroller and administrator on the Pikmin Fanon. I decided to make another account because my last one was outdated and made me cringe. I am extremely active on the Pikmin Fanon, but not so active on here. I do try to contribute here when I can because Pikipedia and the Pikmin fanbase are amazing.

Yes, I am the guy who created Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs. Breadbug icon.png

Some of my favorite video games were created by companies like Nintendo, Valve, Bethesda. Music is something I have a total obsession over, even though I don't play any instruments nor do I make any music. Outside of video game soundtracks, I mainly listen to songs produced during or before 2010.

I love Breadbugs and their larger counterpart, Loaflings, Waddlepi, and Phosbats young and old. My favorite Pikmin is the Mushroom Pikmin. My favorite leaders are Shacho and Charlie. My favorite Pikmin game is Pikmin 2. Pikmin 1 infuriates me.


My nicknames are King Boo, Boo, and Cheebs. Feel free to refer to me using these nicknames or a variation of them.

Fun Facts

  • I acquired Rollback Rights and the All Ranks Rank on the Pikmin Fanon.
  • I became an Administrator of the Pikmin Fanon on the morning of May 19th, 2016.
  • I joined the Pikmin Fanon on April 2nd, 2011 at approximately 4:52PM EST.