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A little bit of discussion went on here, and we ended up with this one, initially on a temporary basis. I quite like it for its simplicity, though, and those I've talked to do too. I played around a bit with adding text to it (ignore the lazy bits) (yeah, I went a bit crazy):

1. 36034328.png 2. 82454989.png 3. 28402918.png

4. 94560858.png 5. 84424330.png 6. 54191577.png

7. 52077825.png 8. 98715249.png 9. 10145108.png

10. 37960044.png

So, there are three clear options:

  • keep the current one
  • add text to the current one
  • create a new one

- GP

I like 5. Vol (Talk)
Keep this one. Actually Like it without any text. For places where we might need one with text, first one.--Prezintenden
I like either 1 or 7, though out of the two I think I prefer 7. Green, could you try one similar to that with outlines the same color as the flower? Similar to what I suggested before, but without the stretching, which I agree kinda looked bad. We can try one with text for the top of the page, but I also kind of agree with what Prez said too. —Jimbo Jambo 17:01, 13 October 2010 (EDT)
Just edited your choices with the numbers for ease later on (Prez's doesn't need it). JJ, see 9. I think I might prefer 7 because of how it stands out a bit more - maybe something in-between would be best. So one of those is my choice.
Just created 10: a little like 5, which Vol liked, but with the bit of a border the flower has. GP
9. Bulborb63 (talkcontribs)

7 is good. I think we need a logo that reflects the games. this one does it the best. The flower reflects the wildlife and the pikmin themselves, and the font shows the fun nature of the games. Loafy the Breadbug

I think number 7 is the best choice. Having the text overlaid looks better to me, and this one is the clearest to read. Adam 14:03, 24 October 2010 (EDT)

Well, after quite a while, 7 is the most popular choice. I'll get it up here and distributed wherever. GP


For those that don't know, this is small icon that shows up in various places for the site: when bookmarked, in tabs, maybe somewhere around the URL bar or window title depending on the browser. The current one was put in place by, I guess, Porplemontage, based on the current logo. Again, three options:

Thoughts? I like either of the two we've had, the leaf maybe a little more. GP

I like the old favicon. Vol (Talk)
I don't know... The new one is a bit more... 'official'. In Brawl, the Bacopa Cabana is used to represent the Pikmin series (read more). The old one is also pretty cool. So I'm not sure... {EspyoT} 16:48, 13 October 2010 (EDT)

It seems the overall consensus is towards the leaf, so far. If nothing changes in a couple of days, I'll get it updated. And that would be the better choice for other uses of a smaller image, right? At the equivalent of Template:NIWA at other wikis, and in the banner at the top of NIWA forums? GP