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Controversial Edits[edit]

About the "Controversial Edits" disclaimer I added: I understand why Greenpickle removed it, but I would like to suggest it be added back into the article, or at least be put into one of the help pages, because new users might make an edit and then later notice that it has been reverted. Without knowing that there is a way to verify more controversial edits by going on the talk page, a user might start an edit war because he/she doesn't know the reason why. For example, if someone believes that the Forest Navel is the Valley if Repose, and they add that to the article without asking on the talk page first, they might not understand why it was reverted and add it again, thus starting an edit war. For this reason, I would like to suggest that the part about controversial edits either be put back into the article or be moved to the Help pages, whichever you prefer. -Los Plagas (talk)

If people don't notice page histories and the recent changes with their edit comments, and talk pages with reasoning placed on them, they won't notice help pages, and certainly not this page. We don't really get this sort of thing happening much here, and adding advice to a help page won't prevent the cases where we do, IMO. The best measure, and often sometimes only the effective one, is to let a user know on his talk page when something like this occurs.
This is only my opinion though, and if anyone else disagrees, please say so. GP 16:26, 28 February 2013 (EST)
I actually agree with Greenpickle — and also, I would like to mention that Pikipedia is not that active these days, and most users have a good understanding of how to edit, so I don't think many users would make 'controversial edits'. If it does happen, though, we can try talking to them about the edit and make a solution. ~PikFan23