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Sweltering Parchlands

Sector 6, Sweltering Parchlands, as seen from the area selection menu after having been 100% completed with no deaths.
The area selection screen for Sweltering Parchlands.

Sector 6: Sweltering Parchlands (もえる かれち?) is the sixth sector in Hey! Pikmin. This sector has 16 treasures in total, and is themed in a smoldering chaparral. Various dried and dead brush decorate the sector, as well as a few wildfires.



Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese もえる かれち?
Moeru kare chi
  Dutch Verzengende velden Searing fields
  French Terres incendiaires Incendiary lands
  German Brennendes Brachland Burning Fallow
  Italian Terre torride Scorching lands
  Spanish (NoA) Valle de la ceniza Valley of the ash
  Spanish (NoE) Valle de la Ceniza Valley of the Ash