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Sizzling Precipice

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Sizzling Precipice
Sector 6 – Area X
The second drop in the Sizzling Precipice.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin, Winged Pikmin
Requirements Complete Scorched Earth via secret exit
Next area Terror Trench
Music Sizzling Precipice
Sizzling Precipice - back side

Sizzling Precipice (しゃくねつの がけ?, lit.: "Scorching cliff") is the secret area in the Sweltering Parchlands. This area has pits of flames as well as vertical drops, so it involves both Red Pikmin and Winged Pikmin. Its main enemies are Firesnout Beetles that will try to attack Captain Olimar as he slowly floats down.


Right at the start, Olimar can call 8 Winged Pikmin. Those Pikmin will help the player go down the many precipices present in the area. During the descent, Olimar must be careful of the many Firesnout Beetles. They come out from holes in the walls, and shoot out fire at regular intervals. Olimar must be equally aware of the flames, that are present in the majority of the level. In this area, the player can retrieve the Scoreless Dartboard, the Scallop Spring, and the Stoic Head.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Doorway fire The doorway fire cutscene in the Sizzling Precipice. The player enters the first doorway. Two Red Pikmin come out of the doorway to find active fire right in front of them. They stomp it down, and when they're done, celebrate with a back-flip, and move back inside the doorway.
Pikmin carrying The carrying cutscene in the Sizzling Precipice. In the room with one vine on top of the other, the player enters the topmost doorway, comes out, and moves to the right a bit. Two Red Pikmin notice a Sparklium Seed further ahead. They race to get it, and one of them catches it first. The other, realizing it lost the race, lets out a sigh with its head held low. The first Pikmin stops in place to wonder what's wrong, and the disappointed Pikmin picks its friend up, and carries it away to Olimar.
Leaf mask The mask cutscene in the Sizzling Precipice. The player climbs the buried metal bar and advances forward a bit. Two Winged Pikmin notice something up ahead. The one in front grabs it: a dried leaf with a hole, lying on the floor. It picks it up and puts it to its face, where only the eyes become visible through the holes. It shows off this mask to its friend, who is pleased with it. Meanwhile, a Crumbug walks up to the duo. The Pikmin with the leaf turns around to look at it, and the mask manages to scare the Crumbug away. However, the Crumbug itself also scared the Pikmin, so they fly back to Olimar's side.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese しゃくねつの がけ?
Shakunetsu no gake
Scorching cliff
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Verkoolde kloof Scorched gorge
Flag of France French Bois calcinés Calcinated woods
Flag of Germany German Verkohlte Felsen Carbonized Rocks
Flag of Italy Italian Dirupo ardente Fiery cliff
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Descenso crepitante Crackling descent
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Descenso Crepitante Crackling Descent