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Scorched Earth

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Scorched Earth
Sector 6 – Area A
The first fire pit in the Scorched Earth.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Complete Troop Commander
Next area Lights in the Darkness (normal exit)
Sizzling Precipice (secret exit)
Music Sweltering Parchlands area
Sweltering Parchlands area - back side

Scorched Earth (Charred Plains in the European version, やけつく のはら?, lit.: "Burning field") is the first main area in the Sweltering Parchlands. It introduces the fact that Red Pikmin are resistant to fire, and features several pits of fire that must be stamped out by the Pikmin before Olimar can go through. It also introduces a few fire-related enemies, such as the Fireflap Bulborb and the Fiery Dwarf Bulblax. Near the end, the player can brave against a Fiery Dwarf Bulblax and access a secret exit, which opens the way to the Sizzling Precipice, or they can proceed forward and take the normal exit to the Lights in the Darkness.


In this level, the terrain is filled with flames, and the player has to use Red Pikmin in order to extinguish the fire, and be allowed to progress in the area. The level is also filled with fiery enemies, making the Red Pikmin even more useful in this area. At some point in the level, before a doorway, Olimar must use his jetpack in order to retrieve the first treasure of the area, the Vacated Baby Buggy. He must, however, be careful of the Fireflap Bulborb that is flying over the treasure. The second treasure, the Tiny Jumbo Jet, can be found after a Fiery Blowlet, in a small nook. To retrieve the last treasure, the player must lure a Fiery Dwarf Bulblax, which will burn some dead leaves that prevents the player from reaching the Deluxe Something-or-Other. After that, Olimar can either go to the normal exit or get to a secret one. In order to access the secret exit, the player must extinguish a huge patch of fire and destroy a dirt block. However, the player must be quick, because a Fiery Dwarf Bulblax stands above the patch of fire, and will eventually fall on the player. If this happens, then Olimar must kill the enemy. When the player reaches the secret exit, they will be taken to the secret area, the Sizzling Precipice.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Red Pikmin putting out a fire The fire cutscene in the Scorched Earth. From the starting location, the player advances a bit forward. Four Red Pikmin are jumping on top of some open flames, putting them out. The fire starts dimming down, and after some seconds, they succeed and start cheering.
Tunnel hole The tunnel hole cutscene in the Scorched Earth. The player enters the first doorway. Olimar and four Red Pikmin are inside a tunnel, and the floor has a small, shallow hole in the middle. Olimar notices this and activates his jetpack to fly across. The two Red Pikmin following closest to him walk up to the hole and jump across the gap. The third Pikmin is entertained with the fourth Pikmin and so has its head turned. It eventually walks into the edge of the hole, starts teetering, and the fourth Pikmin tries to grab it. It's too late, however, as the third Pikmin falls inside and lands on its back. The fourth Pikmin jumps across, and helps the other two Pikmin grab onto the one that fell, pulling it up. They succeed, flinging it farther ahead, that Pikmin celebrates, and they all rejoin Olimar, who was standing in place looking at the scene.
Seed tube The tube cutscene in the Scorched Earth. The player leaves the second doorway and advances a bit forward. Four Red Pikmin are near a tube. One of them crawls inside, the tube rumbles a bit, and out comes a Sparklium Seed. The Pikmin crawls out, they all cheer, and that same Pikmin grabs the seed and stands aside. The remaining Pikmin all crawl inside the tube as well, and one by one, they manage to take out a seed, crawl out, and grab it.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese やけつく のはら?
Yaketsuku nohara
Burning field
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Geblakerde grond Scorched ground
Flag of France French Terres embrasées Burned earth
Flag of Germany German Verbrannte Erde Burned Soil
Flag of Italy Italian Suolo incandescente Glowing soil
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Tierra en ascuas Earth in embers
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Tierra en Ascuas Earth in Embers